• Behind the scenes: how HOY’s kids’ bikes have been made even better

    Mirroring Sir Chris Hoy’s personal life — which has changed focus somewhat in recent years with the arrival of son Callum and daughter Chloe — the HOY bike range that bears his name has changed emphasis for 2018 and now centres purely on young riders. We spoke to HOY designer and product manager Scott Decker who, together with Sir Chris, led the refresh process with the aim of producing some of the best — and lightest — children’s bikes on the market.

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  • RIDE IT 2018 Highlights

    We’re excited to share with you RIDE IT Events Manager Mark Gregory’s 10 highlights of the 2018 RIDE IT series. See you at the start line!

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  • Choose the right pack for your adventure with Osprey

    Summer is here! The sun is shining (mostly) and it’s the perfect time to head out, get active and find adventure. Coffee Stop has been in touch with Osprey, who have pulled together a definitive guide for an active summer.

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