How to size kids bikes with Sir Chris Hoy

Making sure you get the right size bike for your kids is as important to their enjoyment of cycling as is getting the right type of bike in the first place. It can be a confusing task though –  kids are as unique as grown-ups in size and shape meaning it’s not even as simple as matching their age to the right size. To help guide you through this daunting process we’ve teamed up with Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy, who’s work with his own Hoy Kids range has made him an expert in kids sizing. 

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The Hoy kids bike range is designed with kids sizing in mind from the start, using smaller components to better fit small hands and bringing the pedals closer in to the frame to make the bikes more comfortable for smaller riders. This attention to detail in the design process, along with his cycling expertise made Sir Chris Hoy the perfect person to ask to explain the best way to make sure you’re getting the right size bike for your kids. Watch the video below to find out his top tips.

Size Guide

The easiest way to make sure you’re getting the right size bike for your child is to use our handy sizing guides which can be found online here, or full-size guides are available in all of our stores – just pop in and ask one of our colleagues. It’s easy to think that like a jumper it might be better to get something for your kids to grow into, but this is never a good idea with bikes. There’s nothing worse for putting kids off cycling than letting them be uncomfortable or feel unstable on their bike. Most kid’s bikes now will come with lots of room to adjust the saddle height and even the bar height to make sure the bike can grow with your child.

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When starting your kids off at a young age there is always the question mark over whether you go with stabilisers or a balance bike. We’d always recommend a balance bike as the best place to start. This way kids will learn the feel of riding a bike from a much younger age so that when they are old enough to progress to pedals they will already be comfortable with their balance on the bike rather than having to learn this at the same time as learning to pedal.

One Size fits all

Or does it? Remember that you can’t always take age as a guide for getting the right size bike, it’s always better to go by height. Kids always grow at different rates so where a tall eight-year-old may fit a 24” wheel bike perfectly, a smaller nine-year-old may still be better sticking to a 20” wheel bike. Whatever the case it’s always best to get your kids to try the bikes first – even if you have to do this in a sneaky way and pretend you’re just trying their sizes for the future.

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