Exclusive Interview with Tracy Moseley

As a two-time Downhill World Cup winner (and three-time Enduro World Champion), Tracy Moseley is one of Britain’s top female bikers. With a passion for riding born out of necessity, as a 9-year-old, using her bike to zip around the family farm. It was only when her older brother joined a bike club and started racing that she caught the bug and discovered her talent.

Now retired from professional riding and a brand ambassador for Osprey, we caught up with Tracey for a speed interview. Getting under the skin of a world class rider.

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What’s the best bit of advice you were ever given?

‘There is no such word as can’t’ I remember my art teacher in primary school telling me this when I told her that I could not draw! I was never good at art but I did amaze myself with the things I did manage with her encouragement and I think it’s been a good statement to live my life by…


What was your favourite thing about being a professional mountain biker?

Getting the chance to travel and ride my bike in so many amazing places and meet such great people along the way.


What was your least favourite?

Having to race on cold, rainy wet early mornings!

Here Tracy rides with the Osprey Syncro. Credit: Tezzerphoto.

Where is your favourite place in the world to ride?

Swiss Alps.


Do you have any unusual habits or superstitions?

No I like to keep things simple.


What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People cutting corners on trails because they don’t have the skills to ride them or are using Strava to set a time…..please race at a race and not on your local trails……and don’t ruin the existing line that’s been there for years.


If you ever feel unfocused or overwhelmed what do you do to get back in the zone? (do you have a process or habit to get you back on track)

Go for a bike ride or walk in the woods and take a moment to take stock of the life I have.


What’s the best purchase you’ve ever made for under £100? (doesn’t need to be bike related)

Baby carrier – Well I didn’t have to buy the latest one we have as it as it’s an Osprey Pack but the Poco child backpack has been amazing for continuing our family adventures with our 14 month old baby J.

Tracy uses the Osprey Poco child carrier Credit: James Richards

What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend?

With the two men in my life in the woods with nature and bikes.


Who is your cycling hero? (would be good to include a male)

Martyn Ashton – for continuing to be an inspiration after his paralysis….he has so much energy and drive its amazing.


What advice would you give to female riders keen to progress in the sport?

Dream big and put in the hard work – ride with the boys and challenge yourself daily.


What’s next for you? What are you focused on at the moment?

I am competing in a 6 day enduro race in France in June – The Transprovence – so just hoping my minimal training will get me through it!

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