Life is better by bike

Let your bike unlock happy memories, fun-filled days and a healthy future


What are your earliest cycling memories? Summer fun exploring the world with friends? Embracing early independence by riding to school? Perhaps the simple delight of customising, maintaining and enhancing your pride and joy?

For so many of us – even those who wouldn’t class themselves as cyclists in adulthood – the bike has played an important part in some of our fondest youthful adventures. So here’s an important message: things don’t have to change just because you’re a grown-up. Even now, your bike can help you reconnect with some of the pure joys of childhood, as well as improve your quality of life and act as the catalyst for the wonderful memories of tomorrow.

Here’s how…


Keeping it in the family

For cyclists with children or grandchildren (or even great grandchildren), nothing brings back the innocent euphoria of taking to two wheels than watching new riders travel under their own steam on a family bike ride. Cycling together also allows the other worries and issues that occasionally effect family life to melt away, even for just a brief period, and you can all enjoy some quality time together. Meanwhile, as the voice of experience, you can teach the potential drivers of tomorrow how to be safe, considerate, and practice good road habits that will last a lifetime and benefit everyone.


Happier you…

While group riding with friends or family is always fun, your bike also offers you some distinct benefits as an individual. If you decide to regularly cycle commute, you’ll find your time management vastly improves: there’s no waiting in traffic jams, or on station platforms. Your mental health will improve, too, with the ride home offering a chance to unwind from the day’s stresses. And with no season tickets or fares to pay, you’ll even save money on travel costs.

…and healthier you

Of course, the most celebrated benefit that comes from regular cycling is better physical health. Not only will you notice your day-to-day fitness improve – and improve rapidly even with very modest daily rides – but less obviously, your long-term health will also be boosted. Best of all, just by getting out and pedalling, you can kick-start an effective lifestyle change that doesn’t need to involve expensive gyms or obsessive fitness regimes. And because cycling is a non-impact activity, injuries are rare. So invest in your own future with rides that are simple, regular and as easy or as hard as you like.


Looking after tomorrow’s world

Occasionally, cyclists are portrayed as slightly sanctimonious bores who feel we are singlehandedly saving the planet. In truth, that’s not the kind of cyclists we recognise – most of us ride because of the selfish reason that we simply love doing it. However, let’s not sell ourselves short. In a world where climate change, pollution and environmental concerns have become existential issues, anyone who takes to their bike rather than use motorised transport is at least doing a little bit of good. And if we all did a little bit of good, what a cumulative effect that would have.

Make life fun

But aside from all these practical and sensible benefits we must not forget the inherent joy of cycling, because sitting on a saddle and spinning your legs is pure, unadulterated fun. No matter what your age, or what bike you’re riding, we fully believe that youthful spirit can be reawakened as you instigate a race to the next road sign, ice-cream van or coffee stop. And because you’ve spent some time engaged in physical exercise, you can enjoy that ice cream or cake guilt-free. Which means your bike can make life a little happier even when you’re not riding it.


And that takes us back to those days of youth, because for many of us, the thing that unites all our childhood memories is a sense of playful happiness. So take heart that that happy state doesn’t have to be gone forever. The key to unlocking it is cycling. Life really is better by bike!




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