Why a cycling holiday is the best type of holiday

Whether you’re new to cycling or bike obsessed, we reveal 12 reasons why a holiday with your bicycle will give you the best ever break.


1) Fitter not fatter

A cycling holiday will burn calories and that means you can indulge in the local food and drink without worrying to much about putting on weight. Imagine returning from a holiday fitter than when you left? How good will that feel?!


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2) Get off the beaten track

By bike, you can explore an entire region or country rather than being stuck in a holiday resort or area for your entire holiday.



3) The perfect speed

Cycling is not as fast as driving, that’s true, yet in our opinion it offers the perfect pace for exploring and seeing a new area. At cycling speed you will really get to know and experience your environment yet you’ll still have the satisfaction of covering a good distance each day.


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4) Up close and personal

Cycling allows you to immerse yourself in your surroundings. You feel the air on your skin, smell the aromas all around you and see many great sights, including wildlife.



5) Meet the locals

People can be curious about cyclists and they will want to ask you about why you are cycling and where you are going. This allows you to enjoy a bit of friendly exchange with people who live in the area.


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6) Learn about yourself

Every cycling holiday is a learning curve, whether you have cycled a lot, or not. There will be obstacles to face and hills to climb, so you will need to rely on your in-built reserves of determination and confidence. This is how you can learn about yourself – and work out future strategies.



7) Meet like minded cyclists

There are plenty of companies that offer group cycling holidays or tours. If you are a single rider these are a great way to enjoy a low-hassle cycling holiday and meet like-minded people.


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8) Tick off a bucket list

Many people have a bucket list of epic hill climbs or long-distance cycling routes to achieve in their lifetime. If you like goals then include some of these must-rides as part of a cycling holiday. Some cyclists even plan the whole holiday around a goal, such as climbing Mount Ventoux three times in one day to join the Cinglés Club.



9) Ride a country

Another dream of cyclists is to ride across a country. You can only do this if you take an extended holiday. Go on.. there is no time like 2018 to do this!


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10) Cement a relationship

A cycling holiday can bring people closer – or show them they are meant to ride off in their own way. Go on a cycling holiday with a friend or partner to see if you are meant to be forever.



11) To start a blog

Plan an exciting trip and tell others/inspire others by writing a blog about it. You might even end up earning money from it.


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12) Create long lasting memories

With so much to see and do each day while on a cycling holiday you will have plenty to remember. Take photos along the way and keep a diary of here you went and what you did. In years to come you’ll enjoy looking back at the memories created.


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