RIDE IT Hampshire 2018

Hi All

If you are out on the longer routes this weekend we suggest you use lights so that you are more visable during dawn and dusk.

We hope you are looking forward to this weekends RIDE IT. With the current and forecast rain we are expecting the MTB and SX routes to be muddy….

Here’s a load of info, so have a read to get the best out of your weekend.




Please BRING YOUR HELMET TO REGISTRATION You will not be allowed to register without one and will have to return to your car.


Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke

Cliddesden Road, RG21 3HF Basingstoke


We have two carparks available this weekend, both hard standing. Please follow signs and Marshals to these areas. If you come to a barrier, please drive up to it and it should open.


Queen Mary’s College is pretty huge! Please follow signs to registration from the carparks.

Please DO NOT ride your bike through the college grounds. There are other people on site and we do not want you to be involved in an accident. If a sign says walk, then please do so!


Follow signs to registration which is inside the Gym ( smoked glass building with yellow frames)

Registration – 08:00-10:00

Start times
Fun, Short & Medium – 08.30 – 10:00
Long – 08.30 – 09:30
Event Closes – 17:00

Toilets/Showers/changing rooms

There are Loos available on site. The mens will be in the Gym, the Ladies will be in the Sports centre around the corner – follow the signs.

Showers/changing rooms. Both are available in the Gym. If you are particularly muddy – MTBer’s I’m talking to you – please remove as much muddy clothing as possible/decent before entering the changing rooms. DO NOT use the showers to wash your clothing. We want to use this facility again and clogging up their drain would pretty much exclude it for next year.


There will be hot food available until 4pm each day. After this we will endeavour to have food available but please do not expect a full spread.



On the course there are a number of feed stops (how many depends on your route distance) and all food and drink at the feed stops is included in your entry. The feed stops are sponsored by High 5 Sports Nutrition and will have High 5 Energy Drink and High 5 Energy Gels or High 5 Energy Bars as well as selection of regular food such as cake, flapjack, jelly beans, bananas, peanuts, crisps, etc.

For advice on nutrition for before, during and after your ride click on the guide below from High 5 –

RIDE IT High 5 Nutrition Guide


There are no rankings or prizes on offer, all times will be displayed in a non-sortable format in rider number order. Please help us to continue running popular and friendly events by not riding in such a way as to obstruct the road or upset other users.

The majority of the ride is on the public roads and Bridleways so please obey the Highway and countryside Codes, stop at junctions where appropriate and obey any traffic lights. Do not ride at uncontrolled speeds around blind bends or on steep descents. Although we have event insurance it does not insure you for your actions so if you do hit a car or pedestrian you may be held responsible for any damages or injuries caused by your riding.


The ride takes place on public roads and bridleways that we don’t have exclusive use of these for the event. Please be look out for other  users particularly horse riders who may be using the lanes in this area. Make them aware of your presence and pass wide and slow should you encounter any. The leaflet below from the BHS gives lots of useful advice for both cyclists and horse riders and we would recommend all riders have a read through before the ride. Click on the image to download a pdf version of the leaflet.

BHS Cyclist and Horse Rider Code of Conduct



No one likes to think about things going wrong but accidents can happen and we think it’s important that riders understand their own responsibilities. All our events have public liability insurance in place that covers Evans Cycles and the actions of it’s staff, it doesn’t cover you for your own actions or for actions of other third parties. In simple terms that means if you cause an accident that is found to be your fault you are personally responsible for any injury to yourself or others and for any damage to yours of other peoples property. Sorry if that all sounds a bit heavy, we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable ride so please ride sensibly, control your speed and don’t take unnecessary risks.

We recommend all riders have their own insurance arrangements in place to cover such accidents. If you ride regularly and are concerned about your own insurance cover you’ll find British Cycling or CTC membership can offer you some protection


We’ll be keeping an eye on the weather over the coming days and whilst we are hoping for some fine and dry conditions this time of year can be very changeable and often even on dry bight days temperatures can be low and we get early morning frosts. Even if the morning is frost free take it easy on the corners, there are likely to be damp patches and leaves on the roads at this time of year. There is also the year around potholes and debris to deal with. If you are on the MTB and SX there is also mud and slippery sections to deal with, so only ride what you are personally capable of riding. Remember there are no prizes for the fastest time and winter is the time for getting some steady miles in rather than racing around at full speed.



We have not ridden the route as yet so can’t tell you the conditions,  I’d expect some mud though – it is December 🙂  As we are on the other side of the M3 there is a bit of road to and from the off road sections. To cross the M3 we are using a footbridge. You MUST walk your bike on both occasions you come to it. It is a FOOTBRIDGE and therefore illegal to cycle on it – we will sign this but if you choose to ignore these signs, you are responsible for your actions and their consequences.

Horses  If you meet ANY horses on the trails and you are approaching from behind please call out “Hello” some distance back to indicate you are approaching. Wait for the rider to ackowledge you and pass slow and wide. If you are asked to wait or it’s obviously not safe to do so, please wait until you are told it’s ok to pass. Please also be aware that there might be horses coming up the trail and keep your speed under control. This way we can all enjoy the sunshine and countryside. Remember, if you spook the horse it might hurt you or other people and you are responsible for you actions and the consequences!!

Please also close all gates you might come across.

Bike Wash.

There will be a bike wash around the back of the registration hall, please follow signs



We are running the revised routes from last year which gives us a village hall for the Medium and Long riders and cuts out a bit of road.

Short – 17miles elevation 1200ft, drink station 8miles

Medium – 27miles, elevation 1800ft, Drink stations at 8 and 19miles

Long – 31miles. elevation 2300ft, Drink Stations at 8 and 19miles


It’s Autuminal out there , but very pretty!  I have changed the routes around a little from those on the web which gives us better spaced drink stations. There are two Long loops so please see below for cut off times on these loops.

There is a bit of leaf cover and debris on the roads, especially near farms where tractors have been dragging mud out onto the tarmac.If there are standing puddles, go carefully as the roads are prone to pot holes. Please keep your eye out for them and if you are travelling in a group, please shout out warnings to those behind. Make sure you have the ability to change a couple of punctures, especially if you are running  lightweight skinny tyres.  A van can be sent out to your aid, but in might be over an hour to get to you depending upon where you and it are. We use small lanes, so keep your speed down and be aware that there might be cars around that bend. On larger roads please keep to single file unless it’s safe to do so.

British Cycling have guidelines on how to pass horses HERE

They have also produced a guide to Sportive Etiquette HERE


As the Sportive Cross ride it taking place at the same time there will be other split signs and marking on the route. This will be YELLOW and you should ignore all these signs. You must only follow PINK signage.

Distances are approx.

Fun – 16miles 1000ft

Short -32miles  Elevation 1600ft

Medium -52miles Elevation 2900ft

Long -68miles Elevation 4100ft


Drink Stations

At all drinkstations the ALL routes return back the way they came. Please do not cycle past as you will be off route

Drink stations are approximately at:-

Short, – 18miles

Medium – 18 and 31miles

Long – 28, 41 and 54miles

Long loop cut off.

First loop – 9.45am. ( The last start is 9.30am and the first loop is only a couple of miles in )

Second loop – 2pm at the 54mile drink station.

Event centre closes at 4pm – Gate will be locked at 5pm.



Here’s how it works.

The Sportive Cross is a mixture of road and off road. This will be fully marked out in Yellow signage so please keep an eye on these as you’ll be peeling off the road and onto the trails. There is only one split marked in yellow ( short/Long ) so please ignore any pink splits and just follow the yellow.

Should be as easy as that. Please take note of both the above MTB and Sportive sections about obeying highway codes, looking out for horses etc. as the both apply to you!!

British Cycling have guidelines on how to pass horses HERE

Please note that I have tweeked the routes to get better drink stations so the Short route is a bit longer than advertised.


Short – 28  Drinks station – 19miles   Elevation – 1800ft

Long – 44  Drink station – 19/35miles  Elevation – 2600ft


All riders will be given a hard copy of the route map at registration. Please keep this with you, even if you’re using a GPS, as it has useful information such as emergency contact numbers and the location of the ride splits and feed stations.

GPS files and links to Strava can be found HERE

Everyone who has pre-entered will receive a pre-event mail on Friday, it well direct you back here for the final event information updates and GPS downloads. Whilst you’re welcome to read the information and download GPS files before then you should head back after receiving the pre event email to ensure you have the latest information and GPS files.

If you do not receive your pre event email please remember it will have been sent to the email address you used when booking the ride and do check it hasn’t been trapped in your junk emails folder. If you still don’t have it then email me on mark.gregory@evanscycles.com so I can check your entry and send you a copy.


Your rider times will be published on our website 24-48 hours after the ride, once available you’ll find them via the Rider Times link at www.evanscycles.com/ride-it

On course photography is by Neil Taylor Media, you can browse his images and purchase copies directly from their website at RIDE IT Photos

Finish line photographs will be published on our Facebook page after the ride, you’ll find them at www.facebook.com/rideitcyclingevents. You can tag, share or download the photo’s directly from the Facebook gallery.

If you’d like to share any of your own pictures you can do so on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @rideitcyclingevents


If you have any queries or questions relating to the ride that aren’t covered then please email rideit@evanscycles.com or get in contact with us via the facebook event page.

You can also keep up to date with the latest event information here and via the RIDE IT Hampshire Facebook Event Page.




For any urgent last minute enquiries you can also contact the event manger via Dean.stacey@evanscycles.com


See you all there!



Michael Spender 1/12/2016


I can’t use gpx but would like to plot the route on ordnance survey before Sunday. Could you please send me a hard copy of the 70 mile route as soon as it is available?

Michael Spender

    WaitForPete 1/12/2017

    You get a route map at registration.

Jerry Rogers 2/12/2016

Like Michael Spender, I cannot use gpx files and would like to see the route before Sunday. Could you send a pdf file please.

Many thanks
Jerry Rogers

WhiteWomble 30/11/2017

When will you ride and mark the mtb Route ?
There will be long signs as normal won’t there ?! Lol

    Dean Stacey 1/12/2017

    All set out today.

David Peacock 1/12/2017

Thank you for posting all this information. But could you please actually confirm the address and post code for the MTB event tomorrow (2nd) ?

    Dean Stacey 1/12/2017

    Hi David
    I have now added the address.

Daniel Glover 1/12/2017


This at 19 miles. just did 19 miles on gpx file loaded into google earth. We went here last year then turned off just past here and went up a hill I think.

Is this the village hall. nice to get a toilet stop and hot water for drinks I think 🙂

    Dean Stacey 1/12/2017

    Hi Daniel
    If this is the drink station for the MTB then it is in the village hall and the long turns left just after it and up a hill.


frances Pockett 1/12/2017

can you load a Pdf file please???

WhiteWomble 4/12/2017

Morning – When will Neil Taylor have those wonder images available …. Hope my lads ones came out good as these are xmas presents I hope in waiting 🙂
Also a Special Cheers to the Crews out on the road – and at the last MTB food station – Chain issues prompted an exchange on Sons Bike – Amazing help and very very supportive – So Many Many thanks here 🙂


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