Hi All


Well we held off for as long as we could but I think its time to make the decision to cancel the event tomorrow. It’s a tough one as the weather forecast all last night and this morning was for light rain and wind until around 2-3pm and then the heavy rain and winds from then on. Although there is talk of Storm Freya and 70-80mph winds, these are not forecast until late afternoon and further up the country where the yellow weather warning is in place. Checking a couple of forecasts now and it looks like it’s gone from rain and wind you’d expect at this time of year to heavy rain from 2am and lasting pretty much all day.

We don’t cancel without a lot of debate and trying alternatives. I have been thinking about cutting out routes, earlier start times etc. anything to get you around before the really heavy winds come in and I just can’t guarantee we can get you all back in in time.

Now, along with the relieved, there will be those you say “it’s just rain” “What do you expect at this time of year”? Personally I agree with you but we have to think of the majority, the inexperienced and also our staff who would be out there with you and a lot longer. The thought of an accident in heavy rain on the country lanes is not something I really want to contemplate or explain to the authorities.

With the lovely weather over February this event could have run at any other day, even today was perfect. I was setting up in a T-shirt!

We will refund you all automatically at the beginning of next week. This might take 3-4 days to come back to you so any longer than that call our Contact Centre on 01293 574900 and they’ll have a look. If you were entering on a free voucher please email rideit@evanscycles.com with your old code and we’ll send you a new one.

Really sorry guys.
Dean and the RIDE IT team