RIDE IT King of the Downs 2018

Hi All.

Welcome to the 2018 RIDE IT King of the Downs Sportive. Now in it’s 9th year, still going strong and challenging 1000’s of riders a year!
We have a load of Ex demo/soiled  bikes at the event. These range from nice BMC’s which are hardly used, to soiled cheaper bikes right down to used HOY children’s bikes for £50 ( from £320 ) More info HERE

Please read below so that you get the best out of your day.

Firstly Please BRING YOUR HELMET TO REGISTRATION. You will not be able to register without it and will have to go back to your car. It might be a long queue to waste your time in and then get turned away!


By Car

The event is at our Crawley HQ. There is no parking on site but we have local roads, an coule of industrial estates and the Beehive ( the original Gatwick airport ) please follow the directions of the marshals. Please do not park anywhere on the industrial estates, only where directed by marshals. We have 18ton lorries working on Sunday and they need room to manoeuvre so you are likely to end up with a few dents!!

If the weather plays ball over the coming days we will also now have a field over the road to park in which will keep you all within a stones throw of the event centre. There is only one entrance so please be careful when entering by car/bike/foot.

Event Centre address

Evans Cycles
Camino Park
James Watt Way
RH10 9TZ

By Train

The nearest train station is Gatwick.

There is a cyclepath that runs parallel to the dual carriage way. Here’s a guide


Registration will be in the big Marquee outside our HQ.

Saturday afternoon

This year we are running a Pre-registration session on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. This is open to all riders on any ride so come along and have a bit more of a lie in on Sunday. As we are setting up there is no official parking and we will have equipment/van/staff all over the place so please take care to only enter the marquee for registration. It is vital that you bring your helmet, if you don’t have it you can’t register.

You can not register for anyone else, each rider must come to registration in person.

On Sunday you can either drop in for your free breakfast or just go straight to the start.


Full ( Long )route riders can register from 5am to 8am ( I know 5am is early but that’s the best time to avoid the queues – if everyone turns up at 7.55am you are all going to be waiting a long time!!)

West and East Loop  ( Short and Medium) route riders can register from 8am to 9am ( In order for us to process the Full route riders please do not try and enter before this)

At registration you will receive a pack with your maps, rider number, cable ties and a raffle ticket. We will attach your timing chip to your helmet ( Which you have bought as per the instructions) so all you need to do is put your number on your bike with the cable ties.  If you entered more than 8 weeks in advance you will get your filled High 5 bottle at this point

Bag Storage

You can leave bags with us at registration but as we do not look after them we do not accept and responsibility for them.


Take your raffle ticket to the food tent for free breakfast. This will consist of Cereal, toast with various spreads and baked beans. There is tea, coffee and orange juice available. All this food is subject to availability as we have a spread of food, not 1500 portions of each.


There are loos in both units and in portable loos between the units. If you are in a queue there is probably a free toilet in the other places ( based on 8 years of seeing people wait whilst there are unused loos next door! )


We will have lots of FWE clothing, glasses, lights and tubes at reduced prices – generally at 30% off Original RRP.


These are in the other carpark, just follow the signs. Us British love a queue! Please can you not be polite and queue in single file. We need you to squeeze up as much as possible to get as many of you into the starts as possible, so if there is a gap in front of you jump in there.


Full ( Long) 6am to 8am

West and East ( Short and Medium ) 8am to 9.30am

This is probably a good time to remind you THIS IS NOT A RACE. There are no prizes, no positions and times are given in a non sortable format in chip number order. Your category is based on route length and will include Old, young, fast, slow, riders on MTBs and hybrids, riders who stop at drink stations and ones who don’t, fast riders riding with their slow mates and a whole host of other combinations. Any “comparison” is not really going to be any real indication of how you did.

Our overriding aim is to get you all out on a fantastic ride in the countryside and then back safely for dinner with your family on Sunday night. Please help us to do this by riding within the Highway code and respecting other road users. Just because you are on an event does not give you the right to jump lights, over take cars waiting to overtake other riders ( I’ve had someone try to overtake me in a LWB van on a country lane on a blind bend – that’s suicidal and not really worth dying for!!) and not stop at junctions. If I see you doing anything stupid, I will ban you from the event and any other Evans RIDE IT

You might also meet Horse Riders on the road. Please slow down and shout a friendly warning, something like “Hello”, and then wait for the horse rider to acknowledge you before overtaking. You pass one horse they get passed 100’s of times so be friendly. If you spook a horse that’s about 1/2 a ton of out of control animal potentially injuring you, the horse, the rider and other cyclist. You are responsible for your actions so  SLOW DOWN

Road conditions

The roads are like any other in England at the moment in that they might have potholes or uneven sections. Obviously we can’t mark every one of these so it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on the road ahead. If you are riding in a group and see a hole/bump then please shout out  to those following. If there is anything we feel is out of the ordinary we will mark it up so if you see Slow or Caution sign then be prepared

We do not insure you whilst on the ride so you are responsible for your actions and any resulting damages and consequences. Evans Cycles do offer yearly cycle insurance from a very reasonable £21 for £1m cover. More details HERE


The Full ( Long) route will be closed down at 12midday. Please do not attempt to ride the route after this as the arrows, drink stations and support will be removed. If you leave at 8am, the latest you can, you need to reach this point by averaging 14mph. From 12midday everyone will need to keep up 14mph average to get back to the finish before 5pm when we are closed. So, if you left at 6am and only get there at 12, then I’d suggest calling it a day as it only gets harder!! We know it’s open roads but cars are parked in a farmers field and he will be blocking the exit with a big log at 6pm so we need you all back and out of there by then.

There is a full guide to the routes and hills HERE


There are bins at all drink stations so please deposit your litter in these. DO NOT drop them on the route, it’s littering, disgusting and give events a bad name.


PROVISIONAL GPX files are HERE  Please note, we have not set up the route yet so there may be some changes. If there are, we will update them on Saturday evening before 7pm.


There will be photographers out on the ride who will be snapping you gurning up the hills. Please look out for them as the photos will be available to download free after the event. The link will be sent in the post event email on Monday/Tuesday and on the Facebook page for the event.


All drink stations are stocked with – Cake, Flapjack, jelly beans, Bananas, nuts, tortillas, High 5 gels, High5 drink and water.

All drink stations have loos.

There is one drink station on the Half ( medium) route and 3 on the Full ( Long) route. The distances are the same for both routes so:-

Drink station 1 – West and Full

Albury Cricket Club

Distance 24miles


Drink Station 2 – Full only

Heathy Farm pub

Distance 55miles


Drink station 3 – East and Full

Top of Yorks Hill

Full distance 90miles ( This is a long stretch from DS 2 so make sure you fill up !)

East distance 35miles


When you finish, please WALK back through the timing tent. We need to ask you questions and give you a goody bag, so please obey the signs and keep my staff and equipment safe.

You will be find another raffle ticket in the goody bag that will allow you to get a burger or a big hotdog from the food tent along with drinks.

Please note – hot food finishes at 5pm. We will try and keep things going for anyone arriving after this time but I can’t promise food.

The event centre will be closed at 5pm so please make sure you are able to make it back for then. We will be on site until about 7pm clearing up but the food and timing system will be stopped at this time.

Post event massage

Why not have a post event massage? The Body Health Clinic will be on hand to rub down those tired legs and make Monday a little more bearable! Details HERE


Will be available on Monday afternoon/night from HERE

Hope you enjoy the day

Any questions, please email Dean.Stacey@evanscycles.com




Paul R 6/06/2018

Can I register my friends on the Saturday if I have their helmets? Anything else I need? One of us booked separately by the way

    Dean Stacey 7/06/2018

    Hi Paul.

    I’m afraid not, everyone needs to sign the registration forms so they need to be there.


Ed 9/06/2018

Can you enter the event on the day?

    Dean Stacey 9/06/2018


Simon Kurylo 14/06/2018

It’s Cormet de Roselend, they all look beautiful & would love to ride them all.


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