Hi All

Well that’s out first “challenge” RIDE IT for this year done and dusted. I was out in the van and it just seemed to be MK that had the drizzle, so glad it brightened up for you as the day went on.

Well done to those who completed the 100miles and also to anyone else who pushed themselves out there today, 40miles to some feels like 100

Times are now available here:-

Finishline photos are here:-

Some of you might have seen a lady laying by the side of the road about 6miles from the finish – I just wanted to let you know that she had strained her knee and that was the most comfortable position We collected her and bought her back to base where after a rest she was much better. Her husband told me that loads of you asked if everything was Ok, and this was a common theme with all the pick ups I did today. So I’d like to thank you all for being such a nice, friendly crowd.

If you fancy some more challenges the King of the downs, Cheshire 100 and Leeds 100 are all coming up in the next couple of months.