RIDE IT Reading 2019

Hi All

The RIDE IT team are looking forward to seeing you this weekend at my home event, it’s always enjoyed by riders as it  has some great MTB trails and roads. There’s some great climbs, like Streatley Hill for the roadies, lovely singletrack for the MTBs and pretty scenery for all. I hope you enjoy your day in my back yard.

You’ll notice that there are several references to urinating below and I can’t stress enough that you must not relieve yourself in the parking/registration area. This is supplied free of charge so that the event can happen and we pay an additional fee to the village hall so they get a huge sum to keep the hall going. Despite my best efforts, last year a woman was seen ducking below the barrier tape and urinating in their planters, all of which was caught on CCTV. I have also witnessed people heading for their bushes.

We are on a final warning. If you guys pee in places you are not supposed to then we will lose this facility and thus the Reading RIDE IT. I have had to employ a person for two days to marshal the site and make sure no one nips for a cheeky wee.

There are two portable loos at registration for those who really can’t hold it in, there are two loos by the start and there are loos in the village hall  (which no one uses and generally there is no queue)  so there is no need to use the bushes. ( Or the driveway to the start )

Sorry to bang on about it, now onto the important stuff….


I expect most of you will be coming via Pangbourne and therefore will be using Whitchurch Toll Bridge. Please note that from 8am Saturday and 9am Sunday you will need to pay to cross this bridge. Currently it’s 60p each way so please make sure you have some extra change in the car. Bikes are free.

PARKING OPENS AT 7.35am. Please do not attempt to arrive before this time as it will cause problems with traffic and the local roads. We have tarmac parking this year just across from the village hall but it’s gated and these will not be open until 7.35am. If you arrive early please go for a drive in the countryside and do not queue outside as we do not want to block up the road for locals. We will have marshals who will turn you away before 7.35am. After this time you will still have 25 minutes before we open registration and an hour before the first start.

Getting there.

The parking and registration is in the parking area so everyone should aim to go there in the first instance. The postcode for the parking is RG8 7QR. DO NOT try and get in the exit at the top of the hill but follow the Evans Cycles signs.

Once you have registered you need to make your way to the start which is at the village hall, a short 1 minute cycle away. Follow signs to the start.


For this event we have hard standing at a local company. They have kindly let us have it for free so please do not abuse this facility. We had a few issues last year so please make sure you obey the below points and we’ll be able to carry on using this facility and keep the Reading event.

Keep your speed to the 20mph limit

Obey marshals/security personnel

Do not drop litter – take it home or to the event centre

DO NOT URINATE in their parking area. See above

Do not attempt to enter any of their buildings

The event centre is back down the lane you drove up.

If you walk to the event centre, please follow the “Walk” signage across the village green, along the gravel and cross the road just past the church. DO NOT walk in the road as it is a dangerous corner.

If it’s getting crowded in the village hall, please take your bikes to the start and leave them in the “Start” carpark. We have staff there so they should be safe.

Finally – do not stand in or obstruct the private drive between the village hall and Start area, it is in constant use.


The nearest train station is Pangbourne, then over Whitchurch bridge and up the hill….. Again, no entry to the event before 7.35am so please plan accordingly.


In order to make life easier for you we will have a marquee in the main car park. This will mean that you can register near your cars and then ride over to the start at the village hall when you are ready.

Fun, Short, Medium  8am until 9.45am

Long 8am until 9.30am


Fun, Short, Medium 8.30until 9.45am

Long 8.30am until 9.30am


There are 2 “emergency” loos in the parking area and more by the start and inside the village hall.

Food and drink

Morning drinks and after ride food and drink are available in the Village Hall car park near the start area. Tea/coffee/bacon sarnies/toasties/burgers are all available.



PLEASE BRING YOUR HELMET TO REGISTRATION. You will not be able to register without it and you’ll have to go back to your car to retrieve it.


Enjoy yourselves


On the course there are a number of feed stops (how many depends on your route distance) and all food and drink at the feed stops is included in your entry. The feed stops are sponsored by High 5 Sports Nutrition and will have High 5 Energy Drink and High 5 Energy Gels or High 5 Energy Bars as well as selection of regular food such as cake, flapjack, jelly beans, bananas, peanuts, crisps, etc.

For advice on nutrition for before, during and after your ride click on the guide below from High 5 –

RIDE IT High 5 Nutrition Guide


There are no rankings or prizes on offer, all times will be displayed in a non-sortable format in rider number order. Please help us to continue running popular and friendly events by not riding in such a way as to obstruct the road or upset other users.

The majority of the ride is on the public roads and Bridleways so please obey the Highway and countryside Codes, stop at junctions where appropriate and obey any traffic lights. Do not ride at uncontrolled speeds around blind bends or on steep descents. Although we have event insurance it does not insure you for your actions so if you do hit a car or pedestrian you may be held responsible for any damages or injuries caused by your riding.


The ride takes place on public roads and bridleways that we don’t have exclusive use of these for the event. Please be look out for other  users particularly horse riders who may be using the lanes in this area. Make them aware of your presence and pass wide and slow should you encounter any. The leaflet below from the BHS gives lots of useful advice for both cyclists and horse riders and we would recommend all riders have a read through before the ride. Click on the image to download a pdf version of the leaflet.

And whilst we are here, there is a great guide to Sportive Etiquette HERE

BHS Cyclist and Horse Rider Code of Conduct



No one likes to think about things going wrong but accidents can happen and we think it’s important that riders understand their own responsibilities. All our events have public liability insurance in place that covers Evans Cycles and the actions of it’s staff, it doesn’t cover you for your own actions or for actions of other third parties. In simple terms that means if you cause an accident that is found to be your fault you are personally responsible for any injury to yourself or others and for any damage to yours of other peoples property. Sorry if that all sounds a bit heavy, we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable ride so please ride sensibly, control your speed and don’t take unnecessary risks.

We recommend all riders have their own insurance arrangements in place to cover such accidents. If you ride regularly and are concerned about your own insurance cover you’ll find British Cycling or CTC membership can offer you some protection


We’ll be keeping an eye on the weather over the coming days and whilst we are hoping for some fine and dry conditions this time of year can be very changeable and often even on dry bight days temperatures can be low and we get early morning frosts. Even if the morning is frost free take it easy on the corners, there are likely to be damp patches and leaves on the roads at this time of year. There is also the year around potholes and debris to deal with. If you are on the MTB and SX there is also mud and slippery sections to deal with, so only ride what you are personally capable of riding. Remember there are no prizes for the fastest time and winter is the time for getting some steady miles in rather than racing around at full speed.



You’ll enjoy the long single track and sections along the side of the Thames on this ride. It’s a little misleading to call it “Reading” as that doesn’t really do the trails justice.


You must only follow YELLOW signage, any pink signs are for Sundays road ride – start following these and you could be doing 80miles of tarmac. At the splits you will see route split signs so just follow the route you are on. If you wish to change that’s fine but remember to tell the guys at the finish what you moved to.


Short 15miles  elevation 1200ft

Medium 26 miles elevation 2000ft

Long 33 miles elevation 2400ft

Drink Stations

Short 10miles

Medium 10 and 21miles

Long 10 and 21miles

Event centre closes at 5pm – Hot food will finish at 4pm.

All food and drink at the feed stops is included in your entry, the exact items on offer may vary but typically you’ll find High 5 energy products, cake, flapjack, jelly beans, crisps, peanuts and bananas as well as being able to fill your water bottles with water or High 5 Energy Source.


Sportive on Sunday

It’s very scenic out there with a few big hills, none more so than Streatley Hill on the long loop so if you are on this loop steel yourselves for this classic climb. It’s near the start so you should have plenty in the legs but don’t use all that energy!


You must only follow PINK signage. At the splits you will see route split signs so just follow the route you are on. If you wish to change that’s fine but remember to tell the guys at the finish what you moved to.

The roads are in ok condition but, like the rest of the country, they are prone to pot holes. Please keep your eye out for them and if you are travelling in a group, please shout out warnings to those behind.  It’s flint around here so make sure you are able to repair at least 2 punctures. We also use small lanes, so keep your speed down and be aware that there might be cars around that bend. On larger roads please keep to single file unless it’s safe to do so.

Distances are approx.

Short -34miles  Elevation 1800ft

Medium -61miles Elevation 3000ft

Long -86miles Elevation 4900ft

Drink stations are approximately at:-

Short, – 19miles

Medium – 19 & 43miles

Long – 28, 44 and 68miles

Long loop cut off – 9.45am from the Start

Event centre closes at 5pm – Hot food will finish at 4pm.

All food and drink at the feed stops is included in your entry, the exact items on offer may vary but typically you’ll find High 5 energy products, cake, flapjack, jelly beans, crisps, peanuts and bananas as well as being able to fill your water bottles with water or High 5 Energy Source.


You will get a hard copy at registration.


GPX files

Provisional GPS files can be found HERE

These are provisional until 6pm Friday and after this they will be confirmed unless it says updated.

Everyone who has pre-entered will receive a pre-event mail on Thursday afternoon around 6pm that also has links to the GPX files . If you have not received this by 7pm  please check you junk folder, old accounts, your partners email if they booked and make sure you check the address you booked with! These are all common causes for not getting the mail. If you still don’t have them then email me on dean.stacey@evanscycles.com I’ll check your entry and send you a copy.

The easiest way to contact us is via the email above, not in the comments section here.

To contact your fellow cyclists then FB is the best way.

MTB Facebook page

Sportive Facebook page

See you all there!



Matt 3/04/2019

Is anyone trying to get there without a car from London? Doesn’t seem possible

    Dean Stacey 3/04/2019

    Hi Matt.

    I haven’t checked the times or if it’s possible but the train would be the easiest.
    Or you could put up a post on the Facebook page asking for a lift.


Anthony 3/04/2019

Hi Matt,
The 7.29 (slow) and 8 am fast train from Paddington gets you to Pangboune at 8.59 and it is only 1.8 miles to the start line. i will be on that train as well.

    Dean Stacey 3/04/2019

    1.8miles up hill 🙂

Terry Saunders 4/04/2019

Are you guys planning to travel by train out of preference or is it because you think parking will be a nightmare?

    Mark Gregory 4/04/2019

    We have arranged enough parking for all participants which is a short distance from the start/finish.

Antony M 5/04/2019

Is the parking at the Castrol Centre?

    Dean Stacey 5/04/2019



Lina Brook 7/04/2019

Not happy at all…. The ride due to finish at 5pm. We had no choice but to stop at 14:18 due to the long route signs removed and our ride cut short early. We were completely on track to complete the long distance at a leisurely pace for our training for coast 2 cost in June and we were robbed of 25 miles. We weren’t the only ones either but we were lied to initially but then two ladies who work for Evans admitted signs taken down early! If you move the goal posts on the day you could at least have told everyone at the 2nd feed station so we could have made our own way round to complete the designated mileage.

    Dean Stacey 7/04/2019

    Hello Lina.

    I’m sorry about this, it seems to have been a little bit of confusion with the staff I sent out to monitor the splits which meant they left about 10minutes early from the short split. As explained in the briefing, after 1.30pm all remaining riders would be diverted onto the short in order to get everybody back in time. ( The event centre is closed and we are packed up at 5pm, that’s not the ride finish time. We work out our averages based on getting riders back for 4pm as there are always stragglers after this time who fade and end up finishing just before 5pm, so that gives us a buffer. If we left it any later those riders wouldn’t be back until after 5pm ) AS we track staff I was able to see they were a mile down the road at the time they were supposed to leave and managed to stop them but in this small time frame a few riders were diverted onto the short prematurely.

    I’m sure you weren’t lied to, I have spoken to the ladies at the finish and they have said that they admitted that had been a mistake to riders as soon as they were aware. They do remember speaking to you and are not sure how they have misled you in any way.

    As with other riders who came to speak to me I am happy to offer you a free ride on another event to make up for our mistake. If you’d like to email me at dean.stacey@evanscycles.com I can organise this for you.


Lisa r 7/04/2019

Once again, thanks to all fromEvans for organising a super event. I had a great time, if a little tiring, but greatly enjoyed my first sportive this year. Thanks guys and gals

    Dean Stacey 7/04/2019

    Thanks Lisa, good to hear you enjoyed the ride. See you soon, Dean

Philip Baker 8/04/2019

I would also echo the comments of Lina in that with my colleague we reached the cut off point at 1.35 to be told we could not continue on the long route and would have to return back to the finish point without riding the last twenty five miles or so. It is true we heard the pre event instructions of a 1.30pm cut off at 55m (although we did enquire with the guy at the second feed station who referred to notes and said it was 2.30pm) and made everyone effort to get there on time. It is ironic that if we had not been diverted then we would have been back easily to the finish by 4pm as our average speed was just under 15mph (without pushing it) and therefore well within your closing/pack up time (probably even before the burger close down time as well!). I really think next year you should make the start time for the long route no later than 8.45pm or give a buffer time of say 15mins at the split just in case people, like us, just fall short due perhaps a puncture or who have had a holdup getting to the start and therefore not starting on time. However despite all that, my colleague and I enjoyed the 62m ride and thought the course was well sign posted. Apologies also to the guy at the split as we were rather annoyed at him and just didn’t believe that that signs were already being taken down. We have learnt a lesson as the same thing happened the previous year!

    Dean Stacey 9/04/2019

    Hi Philip
    Thanks for the feedback. The calculation on the cut off is based on how long it’s taken the first rider leaving on the first start and then calculating how long they will then take to get back for 4pm ( for reasons explained to Lina ) If riders leave later and get there for the cut off they are obviously riding faster and should get back in time, even taking into account fatigue. This is borne out by your ride where by if you had been 5 minutes earlier you would have been back in plenty of time. Looking at the times only about 21 of about 130 long riders left after 9am and then looking at the finish times I’d approximate that the early cut off might have effected about 13 riders. Based on this I’d say that most riders got out in time and those leaving later where fast enough to ride the route before 4pm. The issue therefore is the timing of the split removal and I’m more than happy to revisit this time for next year just to make sure we get those last riders through. I don’t think the staff will be removing any more splits early either!

    It’s good to hear you enjoyed the ride that you did and as per Lina, email me and I’ll send you a free ride code.

Chris Short 8/04/2019

Hello Dean,
I spoke to you after the event to say what a great route. Again would like to pass on my regards to you and your team for such a great day and great route.
Have never ridden so much lovely flowy woodland natural trails.
Well done


    Dean Stacey 9/04/2019

    Thanks Chris.


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