Giro release new Aether road helmet with Spherical MIPS

Giro have been at the forefront of championing the use of MIPS, implementing it across most of their range. Now they’ve bettered themselves with the release of the new Aether road helmet with proprietary Spherical MIPS technology, improving comfort whilst retaining and improving functionality.

>>Giro Aether road helmet with Spherical MIPS<<


Spherical MIPS

When it comes to road helmets there are a few main concerns, namely safety; weight; and the venting style – is it going to keep me cool in warm weather and does it offer any aerodynamic advantages? The priority for manufacturers – although not always consumers – is safety, making sure that the helmet will protect you. Although there are standards that all helmets must conform to there are some technologies out there that can really improve safety.

Multi Impact Protection System (MIPS), which is designed to reduce shear impact forces during a crash – and so help to prevent brain injury – has been the biggest revolution in helmet technology in the last few years. Giro have now added evolved the technology with the introduction of their own proprietary Spherical MIPS to the Aether MIPS Road Helmet, their new flagship model. Inside the sleek 6-piece polycarbonate shell sits a dual-density EPS foam liner that saves weight and manages a wide range of impact energies. Integrated within this is the Spherical MIPS technology – meaning the hard plastic layer no longer sits against the rider’s head – improving the comfort of the helmet massively whilst retaining performance and functionality.

Although safety is the overarching concern for manufacturers, as consumers we are all often guilty of prioritising aesthetics, and in this the new Aether does not disappoint. The shell has a similar look to many of Giro’s previous models with long sweeping lines and a smooth profile, currently only the black and the white models are available here with other colours being added in the coming months. The styling is finished off by a 3D etched logo.


The biggest compromise with helmets often has to be made between venting and aerodynamics, unfortunately big vents end up catching the wind and so to save those watts we have to surrender to the inevitability of a sweaty head. Giro however seem to be bucking that trend, boasting 11 Wind Tunnel vents with deep internal channelling Giro say the Aether is far cooler than their current Synthe MIPS model. The vents get additional structural support via a translucent shatter resistant AURA reinforcing arch that runs across the helmet. Whilst the massive vents keep the wearer significantly cooler Giro say that in their testing they measured a 2.4% increase in aerodynamic efficiency over the Synthe MIPS – a huge increase for a helmet that is not specifically marketed as aero.

Finishing touches

Giro have also added a neat little feature to save us all from the dread of dropping our sunglasses as we look down to marvel at the gear we’re pushing, integrated rubber grippers sit in the front vents for maximum security when stashing your glasses, a neat little touch that shows just how much design has gone into this new model from a riders perspective.

The comfort of the Aether is finished off with the newly designed Roc Loc 5+ retention system which along with the normal ergonomic dial, allows for vertical adjustment and can even be fine-tuned asymmetrically – allowing the rider to place the contact points of the helmet exactly where they need to for maximum comfort and proper fit.


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