Banish the winter blues with Evans Cycles Black Friday

All those other retailers may have their Black Friday deals but can they match the variety of savings as Evans Cycles’s ‘Black Friday’ bonanza?

Here, we look at the history of Black Friday – both the good and the painful – and highlight some of the deals coming your way courtesy of Evans Cycles.


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When is Black Friday?

In American tradition Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day, which falls on the fourth Thursday in November. In spirit, it’s the antithesis of the UK’s traditional Boxing Day sales as Black Friday represents the beginning of America’s Christmas shopping season rather than the end of it. In practice, however, Black Friday is surprisingly similar to the Boxing Day sales in that US shops open very early, even overnight, and offer eye-catching deals.

In 2018 Black Friday is the 23rd November.

Here at Evans Cycles, our ‘Black Friday’ deals will run from Friday 16th November all the way through to Monday 3rd December.


How did the name ‘Black Friday’ come about?

According to that font of all dubious knowledge, Wikipedia, the term ‘Black Friday’ in a shopping context first originated in Philadelphia back in 1961 where it was used to describe the: “heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic that would occur on the day after Thanksgiving”. However, the term has since gained the popular explanation that this day represents the point in the year when retailers stop being in deficit — being in the ‘red’ with their accounts — to earning a profit and being in the ‘black’.


When did Black Friday first come to the UK?

Funnily enough, the term ‘Black Friday’ has been around in the UK for a fair while but it fell later in the year and meant something entirely different. Over here, Black Friday has been traditionally used by the emergency services to refer to the Friday before Christmas, when works parties and general merriment leads to drunken havoc on city streets. However, in 2013 Asda — by then owned by US retail giant Walmart — imported the American version of Black Friday to Britain and it’s grown ever since. Black Friday 2016 saw more than £1.9 billion spent, making it the UK’s biggest shopping day of the year.

Black_Friday_at_the_Apple_Store_on_Fifth_Avenue,_New_York_City,_2011 low res

So it’s all good then?

Er… well, whenever there’s a saving to be had, some people can behave a little irrationally. In the last decade there have been seven reported deaths and 98 injuries caused by Black Friday events across the USA. And proving that Brits are no better, we’ve seen stampede-like Black Friday conditions at some big retailers here, too. Don’t fear though, Evans Cycles customers, all our deals will also be online so there’s no need for increased life insurance.


And what can Evans Cycles customers expect this year on Black Friday…?

Here are just some of our amazing deals for this year..

Up to 30% off selected bikes

Up to 50% off selected Oakley eyewear

Up to 40% off turbo trainers (from £104 while stock lasts)

Up to 75% off gloves and mitts


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