Charity Spotlight: Cardiff Cycle Workshop

Trade-In is back for 2018 and there are many good reasons why it’s our favourite campaign: It’s springtime and everyone is getting back into the spirit of cycling, customers can save on a shiny new bike while decluttering their sheds or garages at the same time, and, best of all, each and every donated bike serves a good cause! Proud to be working with 18 social enterprises across the UK, here we put the spotlight on our different partner charities throughout the campaign. Here we introduce the Cardiff Cycle Workshop..


Charity Name

Cardiff Cycle Workshop





Established in..



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Prime aim

Our mission is to increase access to bikes and cycling and reduce the number of bikes going onto the scrapheap.


Number of employees/volunteers

3 Employees


Number of bikes recycled/refurbished each year

Last year we recycled 529 bikes and sent 10 tonnes of material for recycling.


Cycle Training Wales

image credit: Cycle Training Wales

Workshops/courses given

Our parent organisation Cycle Training Wales offers courses in Bike Maintenance for all levels, including Wheelbuilding, Hydraulic Brake and Suspension, Di2 + Advanced Road Bikes and our professional level qualification; Velotech Gold.


Most favourite anecdote

One of the things we are most proud of is that a number of former volunteers have gone on to set up their own cycle related businesses or work in the cycle industry. The volunteers are the lifeblood of the enterprise really and it is fantastic to see them develop and grow in confidence through their work with us.


How the Evans Cycles Trade-In campaign benefits NCA

Without donated bikes to repair our enterprise could not survive, it’s as simple as that. We are grateful for any bikes that we’re given. Whatever their condition, there is normally something that can be salvaged and used to bring another bike to life. We’re delighted to work with Evans Cycles and we hope that the scheme will benefit your customers too [sure does ;)].


Future projects/ambitions

We have just expanded our workshop by building a mezzanine floor, creating a more open and pleasant working environment. We hope this will allow us to produce a greater range and volume of recycled bikes.


Cardiff Cycle Workshop

Anything else you would like to mention?

Cycle Training Wales was named as UK Social Enterprise of the Year for Education, Training and Jobs for 2016. An achievement we are all immensely proud of.


>> To find out more head to the Cardiff Cycle Workshop website <<


>> To find out more about Trade-In head to the Evans Cycles website <<




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