Charity Spotlight: Gloucestershire Bike Project

Trade-In is back for 2018 and there are many good reasons why it’s our favourite campaign: It’s springtime and everyone is getting back into the spirit of cycling, customers can save on a shiny new bike while decluttering their sheds or garages at the same time, and, best of all, each and every donated bike serves a good cause! Proud to be working with 18 social enterprises across the UK, here we put the spotlight on our different partner charities throughout the campaign. Here we introduce the Gloucestershire Bike Project..


Charity name

Gloucestershire Bike Project CIC



Commercial Road, Gloucester



Gloucestershire Bike Project was set up May 2011, by a handful of committed cycling loving volunteers who wanted to give something back to their local community through bikes and cycling.

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Prime aim

We have a number of aims- all cycling and bike related of course. Helping people get on two wheels is right up there on our list of priorities, as is helping vulnerable young people gain skills, build confidence and start to believe that they have the ability to achieve positive changes in their lives and that they can, if they put the work in, have a rich, full life.

Number of employees/volunteers

We have 3 paid members of staff and around 15-20 volunteers, some come in each week and some come in and help when they have a few free hours. Without our fab volunteers, we couldn’t do half of the things we do, and we owe them a huge debt for all that they do to help us keep going and growing.

Number of bikes recycled/refurbished each year

Approximately 500 bikes are refurbished each year and either used in our workshops, or refurbished by our amazing volunteers to be sold to help fund our work or used in our free bike loan scheme.

Workshops/courses given

Gloucestershire bike project delivers a variety of free bike maintenance workshops and courses each year. These really vary throughout the year and include free bike building courses for vulnerable young people, working with young people who have been excluded from school, or who are on special programmes aimed at helping them develop more practical skills as school isn’t working for them. This spring we are delivering bike building workshops for disengaged young people working with our local rugby club, Gloucester Rugby. We also offer workshops aimed at retired people who are keen to improve their bike maintenance skills and even get involved in volunteering with us.

There are so many people who ride and who really want to know how to maintain their bikes or carry out roadside emergency repairs, so we offer ‘get tour hands dirty’ bike maintenance workshops to the public too.

And of course, we sell a great range of refurbished bikes and accessories, including some lovely vintage road bikes and components and retro MTBs – Thanks in part to the Evans Cycles Trade In Campaign. So, come and see us, donate your old bike if you don’t need it (or haven’t traded it in with Evans) or buy a refurbished bike, knowing that your purchase benefits young people who need support.


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How the Evans Cycles Trade-In benefits the Gloucestershire Bike Project

Being a partner in the Evans Cycles Trade-in is the highlight of the year for us in terms of the bikes we get in to work on, both for the free bikes for young people who come on our courses and in terms of getting some good quality bikes that can be refurbished and sold to fund the projects. Sometimes just one bike donated to us as part of the campaign will fund up to 8 young people to come on a bike building courses. So please do buy your new bike from Evans Cycles – you get more than your moneys worth- you get to support local grass roots cycling projects

It really is that simple; the bikes we get as part of the Evans Cycles Trade-in help us keep going and growing and allow us to benefit young people and others who face significant challenges in their lives.

Future projects/ambitions

We’re excited about the future. Our ambition to create a new full-time workshop is slowly coming to fruition. In 2017 we moved to our new home, 16 Commercial Road, Gloucester and we now have a 2nd workshop, which means we can offer even more opportunities to vulnerable young people and others who can benefit from hands on training.

Now that we have moved and  have our new Park Tool equipped workshop, we are trying to raise funds to employ a new full time trainer who can help the young people we work with gain qualifications and access pathways into employment as well as offer tailored workshops and courses for people with learning difficulties or mental health problems and create new volunteering and mentoring roles so that people who don’t always play an active part in the life of the community can get more involved and be part of something positive and meaningful.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Alongside our workshops and bike sales, we also offer a free eight-week bike loan scheme, to help people try cycling (we hope they’ll love it). And for all those businesses out there who want to show their support for cycling, our Cytech 3 trained mechanics can deliver Dr Bike mobile bike servicing at your site. This is a great way for local companies to meet their corporate social responsibility pledges. Book our guys to come out to service your staffs bikes, or let us set up a staff pool bike scheme for you,  and you not only support cycling to work (and get a fantastic service) but also the revenue raised benefits the most vulnerable in the community as all funds raised through Dr Bike is ploughed back in to our free kids training programmes.

We have free cycling maps available and some lovely vintage and retro bikes on display on our walls, so feel free to pop in, have a coffee and browse our cycling books and magazines next time you are in Gloucester.

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who trades in their old bikes as part of the Evans Cycles Trade In Campaign 2018, That one act helps so many organisations like ours and more importantly, helps those who need a bit of support to succeed.


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