Charity Spotlight: Recyke Y’Bike

Trade-In is back for 2018 and there are many good reasons why it’s our favourite campaign: It’s springtime and everyone is getting back into the spirit of cycling, customers can save on a shiny new bike while decluttering their sheds or garages at the same time, and, best of all, each and every donated bike serves a good cause! Proud to be working with 18 social enterprises across the UK, here we put the spotlight on our different partner charities throughout the campaign. Introducing North East-based Recyke Y’Bike…


Charity name

Recyke Y’Bike



Byker, Newcastle and Durham




Prime aim

We use bicycle recycling as the “vehicle” to help socially disadvantaged people in the North East, and to help development projects in Kenya and Gambia.


Number of employees/volunteers

13 employees and around 40 volunteers. Of our volunteers, around a quarter are vulnerable adults.


Number of bikes recycled/refurbished each year

Approximately 2,500. Of these, 1,500 are repaired and sold locally as low-cost transport. Last year 700 bike were given away – 550 went to projects in Kenya and The Gambia, 50 to refugees in the north east, and around 100 to local community groups, charities and schools.

Workshops/courses given

We have three workshops – Byker, Newcastle, and Durham. We run maintenance courses that range from small group beginner’s classes, right up to a four day Velotech Gold qualification. This year we are changing how we give bikes away to asylum seekers, and will be holding bike maintenance training days for them, at the end of which each person will take away the bike they’ve been working on. We also teach children and adults alike to ride – this year we estimate that with our help, around 100 will go “stabiliser free”.

We had a volunteer a couple of years ago who learnt bike mechanic skills here, and over a few months built up a bike from scrap parts. When he left us, it was to ride that same bike to Iran!

Recyke Y Bike syrianrefugees

How Evans Cycles Trade-In benefits ReCyke Y’Bike

It makes more people aware of what we do as a charity, and the people we help. Through the donations from Evans customers, we tend to get a great range of bikes that really suit what we need in our various projects.


Future projects/ambitions

We’re going to be improving our community involvement in 2018/19 by recruiting someone specifically to target groups that we often struggle to attract.

Sammy is being presented with the 20000th (!) bike which has been refurbished through Recyke Y Bike

Sammy is being presented with the 20000th (!) bike which has been refurbished through Recyke Y Bike


>> To find out more about Recyke Y’Bike please visit their website. <<


>> To find out more about Trade-In head to the Evans Cycles website <<




John Litherland 9/05/2017

Many thanks Evans Cycles for supporting Recyke y bike. We will make sure all bikes are put to good use by reuse or recycling. John Chair of Recyke y bike

    Magdalena Schoerner 9/05/2017

    Our pleasure, keep up the good work! 😉


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