Charity Spotlight: Bike for Good

Trade-In is back for 2018 and there are many good reasons why it’s our favourite campaign: It’s springtime and everyone is getting back into the spirit of cycling, customers can save on a shiny new bike while decluttering their sheds or garages at the same time, and, best of all, each and every donated bike serves a good cause! Proud to be working with 18 social enterprises across the UK, here we put the spotlight on our different partner charities throughout the campaign. Next up, Bike for Good


Charity Name

Bike for Good



Glasgow, we have a branch in Finnieston and another in the South Side.


Year established

July 2010


Your primary aim

It is our mission to ensure that everyone in and around Glasgow benefits from the bicycle.

Number of employees or volunteers

42 employees and 33 volunteers.


Number of bikes recycled/refurbished each year

We have supplied 162 recycled bikes to job seekers and apprentices as part of TfGM’s ‘Bike back to work’ scheme.

This is a way of enabling new apprentices to get to work as they commence their apprenticeship, and also provides a form of transport for job seekers to enable them to get to interviews or to get to work as they begin a new job.

Working in partnership with several Universities, we have been distributing trade in bikes to university students. 382 bikes were returned to use in 2017. They are used across the campus as a form of transport instead of using buses and trams, in order to travel to classes and tutorial groups.



Workshops/courses given

We offer cycling lessons and maintenance classes for all ages. To qualify and a bike mechanic, we offer the Velotech qualification.


How the Evans Cycles Trade-In campaign benefits Bike for Good

Every year we are so excited to be part of this initiative which allows us to reuse rather than dispose. Which ties in well with our overall mission to give everyone in and around Glasgow the opportunity to experience the benefit of a bicycle, be it for transport, health, relaxation or a combination of all.


Future projects/ambitions

Bike for Good changes lives through cycling. It is our mission to ensure that everyone in and around Glasgow benefits from the bicycle.

We use cycling to provide a range of opportunities which in turn:

  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Provide travel options on a low budget
  • Improve environment and air-quality
  • Build networks and social opportunities
  • Develop skills and confidence


We have a clear and consistent commitment to our mission and this is reflected in our range of services and outreach projects delivered on a daily basis:

  • A range of low cost bikes available for sale thanks to donations from members of the public.
  • A programme of bike maintenance training as well as a Fix Your Own Bike sessions.
  • An inclusive volunteering programme for individuals from a range of backgrounds.
  • Wheel Being – a cycling for health improvement project which works with a range of health and social organisations.  Aimed at people with long-term health conditions, Wheel Being provides gentle group rides, one-to-one cycle training and confidence building sessions.
  • Bike Academy – a training programme for young people aged between 15-26 years old, delivered in a youth work setting as well as in partnership with schools across the city. Aimed specifically at young people considered NEET (not in employment, education or training).
  • Community Hub – based in Govanhill, Glasgow’s most diverse area, the Hub offers a package of free services such as cycle training lessons, bike maintenance classes, volunteering opportunities, events, group rides for all abilities, a bike lending library and a women’s cycle club. The Hub is inclusive and welcomes people who are new or returning to cycling to get back on a bike with support in a social and friendly environment.
  • Scottish Prison Service programme which offers a training programme to inmates as well as day release placements.


The above is delivered by a team of experienced staff members who are committed to the delivery of high quality, high impact projects and services. Each year we reach over 20,000 people directly through the above programme.


>> To find out more about Trade-In head to the Evans Cycles website <<


>> To find out more about Bike for Good head to their website <<




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