Charity Spotlight: Cycle Saviours

Trade-In is back for 2018 and there are many good reasons why it’s our favourite campaign: It’s springtime and everyone is getting back into the spirit of cycling, customers can save on a shiny new bike while decluttering their sheds or garages at the same time, and, best of all, each and every donated bike serves a good cause! Proud to be working with 18 social enterprises across the UK, here we put the spotlight on our different partner charities throughout the campaign. Next up, Cycle Saviours


Charity Name

Cycle Saviours



We are based in Milton Keynes.


Year established

May 2014


Your primary aim

Cycle Saviours is saving bikes, saving the environment and helping people get on their bikes. We rescue, restore and reuse pre-loved and abandoned bikes using them to benefit disadvantaged groups while promoting healthy living and empowerment through cycling.


Number of employees or volunteers

At Cycle Saviours we have 5 employees and around 10-15 trainees aged between 16-19 years of age.


Number of bikes recycled/refurbished each year

On Average we have received 350-400 bikes a year since 2014 as donations. 70% of those cycles are repaired/refurbished and sold on. The further 30% of cycles are broken down, salvageable parts are kept and reused on other cycles reducing costs, remaining parts are sorted into the their separate sectors and sent to the corresponding recycling sites.


Workshops/courses given

As a Social Enterprise we provide an Employment Skills based qualification, where we use Cycle mechanics as the channel in which we deliver this qualification to young people. We also offer Cycle maintenance courses to the public and a pop DR Bike service to events and businesses. We also work with local charities to promote all ability cycling such as use of tandems to include visually impaired cyclists.


How the Evans Cycles Trade-In campaign benefits Cycle Saviours

By receiving donations from Evans Cycles, it will allow us to continue our aim in providing safe affordable cycles to the public whilst providing the work for the young people to undertake and achieve their qualifications. The publicity in of the campaign will allow us to reach out to those people who may not already know who we are and will in future refer us to friends and potential people in need.


Future projects/ambitions

Our future plans are to get involved with local schools to offer workshops, which ensure students bikes are safe and to encourage more cycling. We also plan to build a larger base of volunteers within our shop, this will help us to be open on weekends and in turn allow us to offer open workshop days and evenings. To give cyclists the opportunity to feel more confident with their bicycles.


>> To find out more about Trade-In head to the Evans Cycles website <<


>> To find out more about Cycle Saviours head to their website <<




Peter Tadman 22/02/2019

I have a few bike frames and other parts to donate if interested.


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