Evans Cycles opens new store in Ipswich

Evans Cycles are proud to announce that their newest store in Ipswich is now open for business! Coffee Stop caught up with the team to find out more about the new members.


The Ipswich team at the top of Holmbury Hill on their induction MTB ride.


>> Find the store’s location, opening times and services available here <<


Exclusive store deals

– £10 off £50 spend voucher, when you buy or order a bike in store before July 31st

– 20% off when you buy two or more parts, clothing or accessories before July 8th

– Free Bronze service until June 30th *

– 50% off silver, gold and all other servicing until July 31st *

*servicing offers do not include parts, sorry

*instore offer only

For all T&C’s please visit evanscycles.com


Store Manager – Andy

Andy’s cycling expertise lie mostly within time trials, combined with regular sportives. However, he rode Tour of Flanders this year with no training!

His highlight while working at Evans Cycles so far:

“Finally getting to work after the Beast from the East stopped me from getting to Norwich Store on my first day, to start working with the incredible team there. We then went straight to BikeFest (Evans Cycles internal staff day) – what a first couple of days!”

Interests Outside of Cycling: Skiing


Assistant Store Manager – John

John’s cycling background primarily is road based, ironically starting off on a semi sturdy mountain bike, commuting a 30 mile round trip. He then eventually moved onto road cycling as a hobby and made it his main mode of transportation.

His highlight while working at Evans Cycles so far:

“All of the RIDE IT Events I’ve attended!”

Interests Outside of Cycling: “There’s a life outside of cycling?!”


Workshop Manager – Stef



Stef’s a keen road racer throughout the summer months, and once the weather starts to dip, you can find him heavily involved in cyclocross.

His highlight while working at Evans Cycles so far:

“The best moment I have had with Evans so far was going the Central Support Office and trying out a range of mountain bikes over Surrey Hills.”

Interests Outside of Cycling: Stef has three cats: Harry, Barry and Dave who take up the rest of his time.


>> Cycling equipment: the kit you need <<


Other staff members that make up the team include…

Mark K (Mechanic) who’s highlight while working with Evans Cycles is taking on the Surrey Hills. In his spare time he enjoys camping trips and rock crawling.

Mark D (Bike-builder) jumped at the opportunity of tearing up the trails over Surrey Hills. Outside of cycling, his interests lie in cricket, snowboarding, gardening and spending time with his family.

Toma (Order book manager) took to a mountain bike for the first time over Surrey Hills. Beside cycling, Toma enjoys hiking, reading and cinema.

Tom (Sales assistant) still remembers selling his first bike (a proud moment!) and is a keen chemistry student.



Jacob (Sales assistant) also was thrilled taking on the trails over Surrey Hills! His interests outside of cycling include writing, gym and cinema.

Montel (Sales assistant) is a keen off road cyclist, who also enjoys gaming, basketball and dodgeball.

Elliott (Sales assistant) loves everything mountain biking related. He also loves anything French related, previously living in Paris for four years.


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Fiona 14/06/2018

Great to see that Evans is coming to Ipswich!
May I ask if there are any women on your sales team? as the list mentioned seems to indicate not. A shame as it is always good to promote and highlight women in a still largely male dominated sport! Plus it is nice to be able to ask fellow women for advice on bikes, kit and accessories

    Samuel Dixon 21/06/2018

    Hello Fiona. Yes, Toma, the Order Book Manager will be on the shop floor to offer her advice 🙂

Jaime Cryer 14/06/2018

I bought a bike from your Chelmsford (as Ipswich wasn’t open then!)
I’d like to book my bike in for its 6 week service please.
I can’t find my order number but the transaction number is 75544.
My bike is a Cannondale bad boy 1.

Ren 15/06/2018

I had the same curiosity reading that list!

Don Welsh 16/06/2018

Good luck with your new shop. I used to live in Central London at Marble Arch. I visited your shops often in Town. Staff were always very kind to me which was appreciated . I now live in Clacton on Sea Essex but visit ipswich often to watch Football . Look forward to meet you all

Ian pryke 16/06/2018

Any female staff?

    Samuel Dixon 18/06/2018

    Hey Ian, yes, Toma will be the Ipswich store book manager.

Matthew Julier 16/06/2018

Hi Andy – looking to get a Cervélo P2 for around £1500 with Fit – what can you do for me? Many thanks, Matt, All world Ironman athelte

Paul 17/06/2018

Please could you let us know, where in Ipswich you are?

Jackie 19/06/2018

Hello, great to hear of your new shop opening. Just curious if you have any Saturday, weekend jobs available for my son who has recently left school. Kind regards

Karen 19/06/2018

So glad to hear you are coming to Ipswich. I am doing the Diss Cyclathlon on Sunday so what is the chance of getting my bike checked over on Saturday? So excited to come and see your new store and Saturday is my birthday so might just have to have s birthday treat!!!!

Stefan 20/06/2018

Can you please confirm opening date? This article says the 22nd. Received an email today saying 23rd

    Samuel Dixon 21/06/2018

    Morning Stefan, the store will be open from the 22nd, but the launch event day will be on the 23rd. Thanks 🙂

James Marshall 22/06/2018

I am looking to booking my bike in for a service and repair as I think it has a puncture and the handle bar grip are coming unraveled at the Ipswich branch I think you have some servicing offers?

    Samuel Dixon 25/06/2018

    Morning James, our Ipswich branch is currently offering the following in-store servicing offers: Free Bronze service until June 30th*; 50% off silver, gold and all other servicing until July 31st*. You can find the store details here: https://www.evanscycles.com/store/ipswich 🙂

Dan james 22/06/2018

Do you guys have any expeirence or anyone working for you who has got eperience working down downhill and free ride bikes

Kev Driver 21/07/2018

Just been in for first time for bit of advice. Great service and quick resolution. Think I might be a regular.

Rosemary Clapperton 14/11/2018

Do you sell second hand bicycles?

Phil Beck 1/02/2019

Great service by a professional team. Collected 2 electric bike yesterday having first had trials of two different bikes. Can’t wait to see the team in six weeks time.


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