Freedom, simplicity, fun – the latest HOY kids’ bike range launches

We all remember the freedom of having your own bike as a child – the sense of independence and confidence gained from the simple pleasure of riding your bike.

This was closely followed by how cool the bike looked, the colours and perhaps the odd accessory to complete the look. Over the years, these values haven’t changed, it is the essence of what kids look for, something that is theirs and is the envy of their mates.

Sir Chris Hoy was no different, he had an enthusiasm for riding his bike because of the fun and freedom that came with it. He went on to become one of the country’s most celebrated riders, but it was these early rides that inspired the young Sir Chris. Those early rides are unforgettable not just for him, but for all of us. We won’t all go on to win numerous Olympic titles, but that doesn’t mean we will forget those cherished moments and it is where a love of riding a bike can be nurtured.




That is why the design team at HOY bikes – who work very closely with the Olympic legend himself on the development of the range – are passionate about making the best possible kids’ bikes. Since the launch of the kids’ range back in 2013, the reviews speak for themselves, the benefits and attention to detail are clear.


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Yet for 2018 the best-selling kids’ bike range has been thoroughly refreshed with lighter frames, scaled-down brake levers, easy-shift gears and even added details such as internally-routed cables. So, while the fit remains the same, other aspects of the design have been refined.




One major addition has been narrower and shorter cranks, which are more suitable for little legs and help prevent over-stretching. The added benefit of these cranks is the frame can be lowered slightly to increase confidence, and also give riders a little more growing room before they need a new size. Bikes shouldn’t be complicated for this age range, so the idea is to get kids riding, effortlessly and naturally.


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The 2018 models also feature new colours to keep things fresh and interesting (all Bonaly models now come in a bold neon green colourway amongst other choices). A new introduction to the range is the Bonaly 24in disc brake version sitting alongside the existing rim brake model. The model uses Shimano’s RT200 hydraulic discs, so plenty of stopping power, yet the overall weight including pedals is still an impressively lightweight 10kg.


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Let’s take a look at the new range for 2018..


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HOY Bonaly 16 Inch Wheel 2018 Kids Bike


HOY Bonaly 20 Inch Wheel 2018 Kids Bike


HOY Bonaly 24 Inch Wheel Disc 2018 Kids Bike


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HOY Bonaly 26 Inch Wheel Disc 2018 Kids Bike


HOY Bonaly 24 Inch Wheel 2018 Kids Bike

HOY Meadowmill 26 Inch Wheel 2018 Kids Bike


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HOY Meadowmill 24 Inch Wheel 2018 Kids Bike

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