New Year’s Resolutions: Ride 2019 miles (or more) in 2019

See how you can make 2019 your best ever year of cycling by setting a total mileage goal for yourself and then planning a calendar of great events…

Once the presents have been opened and the mince pies have been eaten, the telly schedule is starting to get a little threadbare and a return to work is on the horizon, there is still once last big event of the holiday season to observe: New Year’s Eve and the making of resolutions. We think we’ve come up with a more interesting and fun way to make sure 2019 is your best year of cycling ever.

First of all, let’s forget about the typical, clichéd, never-kept New Year’s resolutions that most of us make. There’s no point offering something vague, such as: ‘I want to lose weight’, or ‘I want to ride my bike more’. What we need is specificity, how much weight do you want to lose, or how much do you want to ride your bike?

In fact, that second question is what we’re going to focus on here. This year, the key to success involves picking an actual mileage — based on some basic forethought — and aiming to cycle a certain distance over the entire course of 2019. Then, once you’ve got a mileage in mind, we can get to the fun part and start planning a whole host of different cycling activities to start contributing to that total.


Where should we start?

So what sort of cycling mileage could you do in a year? Going to the extreme, Jenny Graham has broken the record for being the fastest women to circumnavigate the world, self-supported – that’s 18000 miles in just 124 days! But we’re not necessarily advocating that level of challenge. We reckon if you were to stand up on New Year’s Eve and tell your nearest and dearest you were going to cycle 2,000 miles in 2019 — or what about 2,019 miles for easy recall — they would probably look at you just as incredulously. But is it really that unimaginable? Time for some simple maths.

If you commute to work by bike, let’s say you typically cycle three days a week with an average daily commute of 15 miles. That’s 45 miles a week, multiplied by 48 weeks of the year, and you’re already at 2,160 miles — well over our initial 2,019 target. It does mean you would have to ride to and from work more than taking alternative transport over the course of the year, and you’d have to be committed to your commuting, but it shows how easily you can hit some rather large numbers.

City bike riding

However, there are other more creative ways you can bump up your yearly mileage, too.

Racking up the miles

If you’ve only ever done a couple of sportive or challenge rides before, you could aim to up the ante this year and take on half a dozen events — perhaps one a month between April to September. At 60 miles per event, that would give you another 360 miles to add to your target. Throw in your first ever 100-mile sportive and you’ve got a nice round 400 accumulated miles.


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Or you could decide to join a cycling club. The weekly club ride might be anything from 30 to 60 miles, possibly adding another 1,000 miles plus if you join in for a couple of dozen occasions over the course of the year. You might even want to start racing, or time trialing, which will rapidly bump your mileage up again.

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And what about a cycling holiday this year? A cycle touring excursion either here in Britain or overseas could quickly add yet another few hundred miles to your total. In fact, there are so many bike-based activities around these days, the cycling world really is your oyster.

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So this New Year’s Eve, surprise those around you with a specific resolution rather than something hazy and hastily thought of. Pick a good mileage goal, work out how you can achieve it, and enjoy your best year of riding ever.


Make 2019 a year to remember – it’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Decide what will be an achievable but challenging total mileage for the year based on your current cycling lifestyle.
  2. Then think about how you’d like to break that mileage down to complete it. Include as many different cycling events and activities as you can to maintain a healthily varied cycling diet.
  3. Choose at least one or two different cycling activities you’ve never done before and have them as highlights of your 2019 calendar.


Here’s to making 2019 your best year of cycling ever!









Gina Briant 1/01/2019

What a sensible way to start doing more cycling! And I’m going to add a few miles to do on the trainer too….

Rob Gemmell 1/01/2019

I’m 73 in July and I live in South Ayrshire, the land of Ayrshire Alps fame. My mileage so far this year is zero, but last year I clocked 1500+ and an enormous amount of climbing, I have no choice living here!

Barry watkin 2/01/2019

Hi all! Firstly ‘Happy New Year! To all!!’
Then those of us over here on the Isle of Wight would love to do a few ‘events/sportives’. But in recent years we’ve had next to none over here. Apparently & to be honest we can totally see the problem! It just costs far to much to get over here to set up & run. Equally it costs us a fortune to come over & do an event, Ferry costs & hotel, etc. So bottom line what about a rethink to coming over? Could you do a deal with ‘Red Funnel or Wightlink’ the two Ferry company’s to come & run an event? As I say Just a thought! Now where’s my bike time I went for a spin on this beautiful Island! (This early retirement has some benefits!)
Thanks for everything you do for cyclists, Regards Barry. ‍♀️ (I know! It should of been facing the other way!!)


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