Wahoo launch new products for 2018

Exciting new developments from Wahoo promise to enhance your indoor riding experience; a redevelopment of the classic KICKR, a new KICKR CORE and KICKR HEADWIND, a cycling specific fan to keep you cool however hard you pedal. And, the much-anticipated KICKR CLIMB is landing back into stock.


Wahoo Fitness is storming ahead of the market with its range of connected fitness devices, for both indoor and outdoor training, creating a range of easy to use products designed to help riders develop their fitness and increase their enjoyment of cycling.

When the original KICKR was launched its direct drive system and smooth ride feel totally shook up the market. In the five years since then indoor training has changed dramatically thanks to virtual training platforms, led by Zwift, and the desire for riders to create their own high-tech ‘pain caves’ in the comfort of their own home.

Indoor riding is no longer just a boring alternative to cycling outside, only ever necessitated by bad weather, it is a cycling activity in its own right. Brands such as Wahoo are taking ever greater leaps forward in creating trainers that give authentic road feel and superb opportunities for fitness gains.

The latest releases from Wahoo bolster their well-established ecosystem of indoor training equipment; a redesigned KICKR offers a virtually silent ride and the new KICKR CORE provides a direct-drive trainer, stuffed full of high performance features, at more accessible mid-range price point. The KICKR HEADWIND is a fan to keep you cool and give an even more authentic outdoor ride feel.



So what’s new with the KICKR? It was already a great product but in its 2018 incarnation it receives a bigger fly wheel and power measurement has increased from 2000 to 2200 watts – get those big sprinter’s thighs working out! Most significantly, and to the joy of your neighbours, the new design is almost totally silent. A gentle whir provides a constant accompaniment to the melody of your heavy breathing as you sweat your way through a tough training session.



Inserting itself into the middle of the range between the SNAP, where you keep your wheel in your bike, and the direct drive KICKR at the very top of the range is the new KICKR CORE. Retailing under £700 it has the same direct drive and many similar features to the KICKR at a price tag that makes it a viable option to products from rival brands such as the Tacx Flux. The areas of cost saving can be seen in its top end power, it offers 1800 watts’ max power – which is more than plenty for most of us and unlike the KICKR cannot be folded for easy transportation.

“We’re excited to be updating and expanding our indoor training lineup with the new KICKR and KICKR CORE,” said Wahoo Founder and CEO Chip Hawkins. “With these new KICKRs, we’re continuing to refine and improve the experience of indoor training. The newest versions offer cyclists the quietest, most realistic ride feel we’ve ever created, while still maintaining compatibility with a wide range of gravel, cyclocross, mountain, and road bikes ensuring that all athletes will be able to take advantage of our newest KICKR lineup.”



Finally, the third new product could well become the crowning glory of your personal pain cave. The KICKR HEADWIND  is a smart fan that responds to speed sensors and heart rate as you ride. A top wind speed of 30mph gives you a realistic ride feel and is super responsive to your effort levels, the harder you are riding the more of a cooling effect you receive.

Chip Hawkins noted that with KICKR HEADWIND, cyclists will be able to fully immerse themselves in the riding experience. “If you’re riding outside, the amount of wind you feel increases as you ride harder. With HEADWIND, we can deliver that experience indoors, while also helping athletes to push harder by keeping them cool during workouts,” continued Hawkins.


Originally launched in 2017, we are thrilled to see the KICKR CLIMB coming into stock.

With the KICKR CLIMB  you can take your indoor training to the next level. Features such as ascents of up to 20% and descents of -10% make for the most realistic indoor training experience yet when linked with virtual courses. The KICKR CLIMB also physically adjusts your bike position to mimic real life road and mountain surfaces.

Get your hands on it while stock lasts!


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