Best hydration packs for mountain biking

Only you will know which hydration pack best fits your needs but here are some of our favourites from industry experts Camelbak and Osprey…

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Best isn’t too hard to define, and thankfully for your decision making at EvansCycles, we only stock the best brands from around the globe. However, mountain biking, in all its various forms and genre, can actually be hard to define, meaning narrowing the best MTB hydration pack down to one is nigh on impossible. You’ll find features and design elements in most of the hydration packs ranged by Evans Cycles that’ll work for you, but blending the right ones together is a personal choice. However here are a few recommendations from us.



Camelbak HydroBak 1.5


Stripped back to the bare essentials, the HydroBak allows you to carry three times more water than the traditional 500ml cycling bidon bottle, held close to the back, it includes a single zip pocket with space for a phone and multi-tool. Designed for use in conjunction with traditional jersey pockets. It’s a minimalist water storage, pure and simple.

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Camelbak Palos waist belt


Sometimes a back mounted pack is the right option, sometime it isn’t. Then you might consider the Palos waist pack. With a slim four litre storage capacity and 1.5 litre horizontally positioned Lumbar bladder, the Palos keeps weight physically and metaphorically low. Before you dismiss this hydration ‘bum-bag’, we’ve been using one for recently and have fallen for its simplicity and the feeling of freedom it brings.

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Trail ready

Camelbak Skyline 10 litre


The rail can throw the unexpected climbs and descents, the Skyline keeps weight positioned low and keeps it well centered to allow you to stay on the gas and conquer the lines you need without thinking about the pack on your back. Just enough storage for enough tools and clothing to make a day ride epic a do-able thing the low profile Skyline is a lightweight gem with a heavyweight A-game, no wonder it’s one of our best sellers.

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Osprey Viper 13 litre


The Viper is decathlete of the Osprey hydration pack range, big enough, flexible enough, lightweight enough and tough enough to get the day to day job of being a trail hunting mountain biker done with class and style. The Viper uses Osprey’s Hydraulics bladder system, which keeps the water under pressure to ensure a smooth delivery of water when you need it. A solid, well made pack that’ll last.

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Enduro specific

Camelbak KUDU 12


Built with the growing trend for Enduro racing in mind with storage for your transition open face helmet while you’re wearing your full face helmet during the stage. Storage for 3 litres of water plus room for pads and light armour means you can ride faster between the stages without overheating A pop-up rain cover keeps your stuff dry on a full day Enduro event, but equally at home on back country trail rides, the KUDU is a Swiss Army knife of a hydration pack.

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Epic day rides

Camelbak HAWG NV


HAWG: Holds A lot of Water and Gear. The name pretty much sums up the product here. One of the longest serving packs in the Camelbak stable gets a tech update with a better layout of compartments, pockets and pouches, with 17 per cent more capacity than the 2015 iteration. The net result is a pack that’s even better tuned to carrying 3 litres of water and whatever else the ride requires than before.

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Osprey Raptor 14

Osprey Raptor 14L Hydration Pack

The Raptor 14 is a great choice for those rides where the end isn’t considered at the start, so carrying three litres of water and enough of the essentials; like food, spare jacket, maps, and all the other bits that make an off-road adventure by mountain bike such a beautiful thing. The usual amazing Osprey build quality means that however much you ride, the Raptor can cope.

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