FWE Sunglasses round up

Protecting your eyes from dawn till dusk

Writing this on the day British Summer time officially started you would be forgiven for looking out of the window and thinking we haven’t been told something. Weather grumps aside, when the sun does finally break out you’ll be reaching for your shades in quick time. You don’t have a decent pair I hear you shout, well don’t panic as the FWE sunglasses range has just been launched. More so they are priced competitively, offering plenty of value for your money. With six models in the line-up there is something for all budgets, prices start from £14.99 for the clear or grey Altair anti-fog glasses rising up to the Rayet Photochromic Hydrophobic multi lens set at £44.99. The glasses offer both UVA and UVB protection. The clear lenses are made from a scratch-resistant polycarbonate and are housed within a lightweight frame. They have rubber arm grippers to help keep them in place. With each pair you’ll get a drawstring pouch, which will give you somewhere to keep them and will double up as a cleaner.

If you were wondering or know your astronomy or Greek mythology, then you’ll recognise the names of the models as those of stars or suns.

FWE Altair Anti-Fog Glasses

The benefit of clear lens glasses is to be able to see when the light conditions are less than ideal or there is a bit of rain around. The FWE Altair’s have been treated with a coating to prevent condensation build-up allowing you to have clear vision at all times. The difference between the two options is the clear version is for damp conditions or for rides in low light. The grey tinted lens option is for when the sun comes out.
Clear or grey options available

FWE Helios Anti-Fog Hydrophobic Glasses

Stepping up the lens treatment the FWE Helios glasses have two separate coatings. The Hydrophobic coating repels water whilst the second coating in an anti-fog to prevent the build-up of condensation when the going gets tough.

FWE Helios Revo Polarized Hydrophobic Glasses

As with the Anti-Fog version above the FWE Revo’s have two coatings but with the added advantage of blocking out UVA/UVB light which will reduce glare and haze. Great when the sun comes out as they will allow you to see the road clearly.

FWE Rayet Anti-Fog Hydrophobic Multi-Lens glasses

As the name suggests with the FWE Rayet’s you get 3 pairs of interchangeable lenses – clear, yellow and grey. All three have been treated to repel water and prevent condensation. The three options work across a range of conditions giving you protection for a wide range of conditions.
Clear – wet, damp rides in low light
Yellow – better clarity in mixed or overcast daylight conditions
Grey – works best when the sun is out

FWE Helios Photochromic Hydrophobic Glasses

As with the remainder of the range, the lenses are coated with two separate coatings but these lenses will adjust to the light conditions so you’ll get great vision in changeable light.

FWE Rayet Photochromic Hydrophobic Multi Lens Glasses

The top of the range Rayet’s take all the features present in the remainder of the range and give you the addition of a second lens. The yellow lens work best in mixed weather or overcast daylight riding. The Photochromic lens adapt to the changing light, making them ideal for use in low light to bright sunshine.


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