Mavic Aksium Wheelset Review

We take a closer look at one of Mavic’s most popular and most trusted road wheelset models – Aksium

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It’s not always about carbon, deep section wheels that cost as much as a whole bike (or two). Sometimes we need a set of hoops that aren’t there to be handled with kid gloves. Wheels that are for the club run, the commute and anything in between, throughout the year, rain or shine. The Mavic Aksium wheelset is just that, everyday wheels for everyday riding.

The French company, Mavic is synonymous to bike wheels. It’s a brand name that belongs to cycling – much like Campagnolo or Shimano – and rightly so. Mavic has been producing world-class wheels since 1889, and since the 1970s it’s been the official wheel sponsor and supplier to the world’s biggest big race, the Tour de France.

The Aksium is an entry-level wheelset, but the level of engineering involved in its production is far from basic. The rims are produced from a high grade S6000 aluminium to decrease weight and increase robustness. They’re CNC machined and have Mavic’s UB control system that eliminates brake judder and bolsters stopping power.


In line with the trend for wider tyres, which reduce rolling resistance, increase traction and improve comfort, the new Aksium rims are now designed for 25c tyres. Mavic also say that these new hoops can handle anything up to a 32c tyre. What did we say about a wheel for all seasons?

They weigh in at 1880g (865g front – 1015g rear). Not light, but these aren’t designed to tackle the silky smooth mountain roads, these are perfectly at home on the pitted roads in good old Blightly. Sturdiness is key to the Aksium’s popularity. Always has been, always will be.

The hubs are again produced from aluminium and come with quick release skewers. The hubs house the QRM sealed cartridge bearings, which are super hard wearing and need little attention (yes, we’re speaking from experience). The bearings are sealed twice to keep moisture out.

They’re built with straight pull bladed steel spokes (20 front and 20 rear). The front is laced radially and the rear is radial on the non-drive side and crossed on the drive side for greater stiffness to ensure the most efficient transfer of power.


At the spoke holes, Mavic has used a technique called H2 reinforcement. It’s fairly self-explanatory. The holes have added strength, which means they’re structurally secure. It also means that the rim has a greater shelf life as this is an area that is prone to wear over time.

The Mavic Aksium is an inexpensive upgrade. A wheelset that’s ready to ride whenever you are. There are far lighter wheels available, and rims that claim a greater aerodynamic advantage, but what the Aksium wheelset has in abundance is durability. Bikes are for riding. These wheels ensure that you can do just that, whatever conditions are thrown your way.

Tough wheels for tough conditions.

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Pedro philander 15/11/2016

will this mavic wheel be suitable for a nine speed cluster?


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