Mavic Cycling Clothing – and other bright and colourful brands

It used to be that the choice of cycle clothing available was mainly black – and always fairly plain. Certainly, it was difficult to find cycle shorts bought in the UK that were anything other than plain black or navy blue.

Sometimes you would find another item, such as a cycling jersey, that was a bit more colourful or with a slightly fancier pattern but on the whole cycle clothing was fairly standard and just a bit dull (in my opinion!).

Thankfully, in the last decade or so, things have changed hugely. Perhaps this is because of the influence from pro cycling teams with their bright and striking team colours. Europe also appeared to have brighter and more exciting cycle clothing in the decade before the UK and perhaps it simply took us a while to catch up with them.

The chances are, that the female cycling market has also led cycle clothing brands and designers to create cycle clothing that is funkier and more colourful looking.

In turn, this has seen the men’s ranges gain colour, brighter details and more fabulous good looks.

If you take a look at groups of cyclists they are either in club colours, usually bright and very different, or a mix of all kinds of bright and beautiful colours and designs.

Mavic Ksyrium

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Mavic Cycle Clothing

A good example of opening up the colour pallet is Mavic cycle clothing. Their latest collection of clothing includes bright yellows, blues, reds, pinks, maroons, oranges, greens and purples. To provide a truly rainbow collection of colour.

While it’s fairly common these days to see jerseys for cyclists in bright colours – this is really good for safety as well as being generally good looking – cycle shorts still tend to be plain black in the UK.

If you shop around you’ll discover some more colourful designs. Mavic Cycle Clothing shorts are a real breath of fresh air. The Mavic Cosmic Pro Bib Shorts for men are black with a stunning bright yellow wide leg hem. The Mavic Ksyrium Elite Women’s Shorts are also black with a bright blue wide leg hem.

More bright yellow details have been added to the Mavic Askium Women’s Shorts and the Mavic Askium Women’s Knickers (three-quarter length cycle tights) with bright blue details.

You can mix and match jerseys to create an all-over colourful look, or go for more black, with matching yellow or blue features/trims.

6 more colourful cycle clothing brands

Castelli also do a great and wide range of bright and beautiful cycling kit.

Altura go bold with yellow, red, blue and orange.

Endura have worked wonders with their hi-viz coloured arm warmers.

Gore Bike wear for women boasts several funky designs including colourful stripes and camo-inspired hearts! Gore Bike Wear is also streets ahead of many other brands in offering brightly designed shorts.

FWE designers have come up with colourways to suit those who like mostly black with a bit of colour and full-on brightness partnered with a bit of black.

Louis Garneau cleverly offer many of their jerseys and tops, each with a choice of three to five bright colours.

FWE Mens bkb

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If you like brighter and bolder cycle clothing designs take a look at the Mavic Cycle Clothing collection at Evans Cycles.


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