The USP on Mavic’s puncture-proof UST range

Mavic’s new UST tubeless wheels look to offer the holy grail of puncture protection, lower rolling resistance and complete ease of use.

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Mavic might have invented tubeless bicycle wheels for mountain bikes back in the late 1990s, but the legendary French firm has been sitting rather on the sidelines in these early days of tubeless road wheel technology. Now, however, Mavic has come good with a selection of 12 new wheelsets and new UST tyres that look to advance tubeless technology to the point where even the most undecided roadie will be chucking away their inner tubes.

While most cyclists love the idea of tubeless wheels, the reality has always seemed like something of a dark art. How easy are they to get on? What wheels and tyres do you need? How easy are they to seal and pump up? How about cross-brand compatibility and international standards? And what’s all that business with sealant?

However, Mavic’s new Universal Standard Tubeless (UST) road bike wheels — derived from the brand’s innovative tubeless mountain bike wheels — has just made tubeless wheels as easy, or possibly even easier to use than classic clinchers.

The reason that Mavic’s UST system works so well is due to the fact that the wheels and the tyres have been developed in unison to perfectly complement one another. So while different tyre and wheels manufacturers might have slightly different manufacturing tolerances — leading to hard-to-mount or hard-to-inflate tubeless tyres — Mavic’s UST system works with tolerances of just 1mm, meaning both mounting and inflation is completely stress-free.

Once fitted, Mavic’s system also offers the very best of the famed benefits of tubeless tyres. They can be inflated to staggeringly high pressure — well beyond the needs of any road cyclists. With sealant inside, they are able to seal themselves even after being penetrated by significant dangers, such as nails or tacks. With no inner tubes, there is no risk of pinch flats even when cornering with low tyre pressures. And Mavic even claims that its UST tyres offer 15% improved rolling resistance compared to a wheel with an inner tube inflated to an equal pressure.

The new UST range comes in six versions, starting with Cosmic Elite UST, Kysrium Elite UST and Kysrium Pro UST wheelset. Then there are the higher-end wheelsets: Kysrium Pro Carbon SL UST, Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST and Comete Pro Carbon SL UST wheelsets.

All models come in either rim or disc brake options. There is also a new road-specific UST tyre: the Yksion Pro UST, available in either 25mm or 28mm. For more adventurous riders, there are new Allroad UST wheels — the Kysrium Elite Allroad UST Disc and the Kysrium Pro Allroad UST Disc.

Mavic says, if you run tubeless you should save 40g per wheel compared to an equivalent Mavic wheelset with inner tubes. And all Mavic’s UST products come with sealant: you simply put the sealant in through the valve, pump the tyres up and you’re good to go — punctures will be a thing of the past.

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Joe 17/11/2017

Reliable puncture-proof tyres will be epic, if they survive in the real world. I remember going for this sort of thing 20 years ago. Afraid it didn’t work then. Hope it does now.


christopher Jones 6/01/2019

Dream on running this system with mavic UST wheels plus mavic tyres fine to set up but dont think they wont puncture they do thirty miles from home emergency get me home try to fit an innertube no chance UST tyre just not seating on the rim


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