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Immerse yourself in the possibilities of cycling here at Evans Cycles. We have over 90 years of experience helping riders find their perfect bike, and with electric bicycles becoming more affordable and practical over the past few years, we have made sure our offering both meets and exceeds expectations. Our stock covers Electric Mountain Bikes; for those looking to head into the hills, Electric Hybrid Bikes with rim or disc brakes for those who get their speed kicks from the tarmac, and electric folding bikes that make for a speedy and convenient commute. E-bikes allow you to push your limits with pedal assist technology that increases your speed and long-life lithium-ion batteries that allow you to cover distances you could only ever dream of with a standard push bike, opening you up to a world of exploration and adventure, all while being environmentally friendly. Here at Evans Cycles, we stock a vast range of e bikes from your favourite brands, such as Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Cube, Whyte, and more. We offer eBikes at all price levels and are ready to help you find the ride that matches your needs, and we offer Finance and cycle to work schemes to make it affordable.
Are electric bikes legal in the UK?

Electric bikes are legal to use on the road in the United Kingdom, as they are considered to be electrically assisted pedal bikes. However, the maximum power output of their motors can be no higher than 250 watts, and their assisted maximum speed must not exceed 15.5mph (25km/h). Making any changes to either the energy output or maximum speed may render the bike illegal to ride on the road.

How fast is an electric bike?

Electric bikes have built-in speed limiters that ensures each bike stays within the legal limit of 15.5mph (25km/h). An electric bike can typically go faster than 15.5mph, but the motor assistance will usually cut-off or decrease in order to keep the bike within the legal speed limits.

Do you need a license for an electric bike?

You do not need to have a licence to ride an electric bike in many areas within the UK as long as the bike meets the requirements to be road legal. Regulations can differ throughout the country, however, and so it is advised that you check with your local authorities to ensure no additional documentation is required to ride electric bikes in your area.

Do you have to pedal an electric bike?

Whether or not you need to pedal an electric bike depends on the type you have purchased. For many e-bikes, you will need to pedal for the motor will add assistance, which makes traveling up inclines easier and can speed up journeys. Other e-bikes known as “pedelecs” allow you to control the speed of the bike with a throttle without needing to pedal as the same time. In order for some types of ebike to meet regulations, it may be stipulated that motor assistance is only activated whilst the rider is pedalling

How much does it cost to charge an electric bike?

The cost of charging an ebike battery will be based on your electricity rates, and so can vary. However, depending on local tariffs and battery size, an average cost of between £0.04 to £0.15 per charge is not uncommon, making this a very cost-effective way to travel.