Kid's Bike Sizing Guide

All little riders grow at different rates. So the best way of finding the right size bike for them is to look at models in their age range and then match their height to the right bike. Kid’s bikes are basically scaled down versions of adult bikes and are typically measured through wheel sizes. As a rule, it’s best to get your child to sit on a potential new bike and to check that they can touch the ground with both feet. For more information about choosing kid's bikes visit our buying guide.

What size kid's bike do I need?

This handy chart should show you the right bike for your child, based on age, height and wheel size. In order to accurately match the correct bike for your child, it’s essential you measure their height accurately.

Rider Height Suggested size
Feet & Inches Cms Inside Leg (min) Age Range Suggested Wheel  
up to 3" up to 90cm   under 2 years   View all Balance Bikes
3' - 3'5" 90cm - 105cm 40cm 2 - 4 years 12" View all 12" wheel Kids' Bikes
3'5" - 3'9" 105cm - 118cm 46cm 4 - 7 years 14-16" View all 14-16" wheel Kids' Bikes
3'9" - 4'5" 118cm - 135cm 53cm 7 - 10 years 18-20" View all 18-20" wheel Kids' Bikes
4'5" - 5' 135cm - 150cm 62cm 10 - 13 years 24" View all 24" wheel Kids' Bikes
5'+ 150cm+ 69cm 13 years + 26-27.5" & 700c View all 26-27.5" & 700c wheel Kids' Bikes

Still confused? View our kid's bike advice video: