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Why Hoy kid's bikes?

The design team at Hoy bikes are focussed on making your children’s first rides enjoyable and making it a special part of childhood. Sir Chris Hoy took to two wheels in the way most children do, with enthusiasm for the fun and freedom it offered. He soon became a celebrated racer yet he didn’t forget what made those early rides so memorable. Few of us do. Whether it leads to a racing career or simply a lifetime appreciation of the outdoors and exercise, we really believe that so many good things start here. Because of that belief we look at the details and think beyond the norm for children’s bikes. The reviews since we launched in 2013, a year after Sir Chris’s retirement from racing, speak for the benefits of that attention to detail.





Perfect fit


Child friendly



Frames - what's changed?

The newly refreshed Hoy kid’s bike range features our lightest frames yet, as part of our overall aim to make the bikes as easy to handle as possible. Even a light bike is a much higher percentage of a child’s bodyweight than an adult’s bike is, so low weight is a priority. We went through rounds of testing to find out how light was just light enough rather than too light, ending up with a mix of 6061 and 6066 grade Al tubing to get the weight as low as possible without affecting durability or raising the cost. To finish off the frames with a clean and simple look, we routed the cables inside the tubes, out of harm’s way.


Fit - what's changed?

We’ve not changed the basic fit of our bikes – the initial testing, thousands of happy riders and years of feedback and observation says it was right first time. What has improved are details like the cranks that are narrower and more natural for small legs to pedal. Keeping the cranks short and narrow means we can lower the frame a little, meaning that younger children feel more confident on the bike. This confidence-inspiring fit means many riders can get onto a 20” or a 24” wheel bike at an earlier age and grow with the bike for a longer period.


Functionality - what's changed?

Cycling shouldn’t be confusing and bikes needn’t be complex. With Hoy children’s bikes it becomes natural and as close to effortless as we can make it. The scaled-down brake levers and the easy-shift button gear levers, the rear-only gears where we aim for the maximum range with the fewest clicks (6 speed really is better than 7 here), all are specified to make a difference that is clear when you see children ride these bikes.