Electric bike benefits - why ride electric?

Why ride electric?

Electric bikes give you all the freedom and benefits of cycling, with a little extra assistance. The result is less sweat, more miles and all the health benefits of life on two wheels.

Health benefits:

Feel better, ride for longer and improve your fitness. With assistance on the hillier terrain, you can achieve goals or levels of fitness previously considered out of reach. With the gravity-defying capabilities of an electric bike, hills will disappear beneath you.

Save money:

To fully charge an electric bike battery can take up to 6 hrs. The range can vary depending on terrain, weather conditions, mode selection, battery size and other factors but you can achieve over 200Km on a single charge, that represents great value for money. Especially when you consider the cost of electricity to charge your battery can be as low as 20p.

Eco friendly:

There is the chance to reduce your reliance on motorised transport and do your bit to help the environment.


Now you’re commute doesn’t have to involve you getting all hot and sweaty. You can take the strain out of your journey by using an electric bike. Hills, no such thing with the assistance provide - let the bike take the strain.

Ride with friends

An electric bike is the great equaliser. Pedal-assist allows riders of different speeds to easily ride together, so you'll never have to worry about keeping up.

Our customers said:

Get one

5/ 5

"Unbelievable fantastic bike couldn’t be happier this thing eats trails and lets you do it time and time again superb build quality cheers Evans Durham top guys couldn’t be more helpful got me my bike in no time and got me out for the bank holiday even though they were flat out top lads cheers get one of these bikes there the future for sure"

– 16 April 2018 Shane1000rr
Specialized Levo FSR Fattie Mountain Bike

Love it, the whole family want one now

5/ 5

"Love my new bike, it will allow me to ride 5 miles to work now and avoid sitting in traffic jams. It looks great and rides lovely. Everyone wants to try it lol"

– 13 March 2018 Kellsbells78
Pulse ZL2 2017 Electric Hybrid Bike

very good bike

4/ 5

"The bike rides very smoothly, so much so that I keep the motor off most of the time. However, it is good to be able to turn on that extra power as and when you need it (how often you wold rather do without that strong wind against your face in the commute home after a long day a work."

– 19 February 2018 da123
Pinnacle Lithium Ion 2018

An excellent bike

5/ 5

"This solid, well built German made bike rides really well for machine that is 20kg+. It has huge wheels which stick to the trails and the battery assistance give you that kick on a climb when you most need it. The battery is quite discreet (as it is embedded into the frame) unlike older models. I chose the 400w over the 500w as it was a fair bit cheaper but still gives a range of 100k+ in eco mode and cant see myself doing longer rides.
The only thing I found was the frame sizing. I'm 5ft 8" and chose an 18" frame with 27.5" wheels. The cross bar slopes at quit an angle which means I don't have much clearance when stepping forward off the saddle. The 17" frame has 29" wheels so would be no better. All in all I don't think it would be that well suited to the smaller rider - even with the 16" frame - but I could be wrong."

– 19 October 2017 BillericayTDog
Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 400 2018 Mountain Bike