An Introduction to: Electric Bike Systems

What are electric bike systems and which one is the best for me?

Choosing which electric bike system is for you has become a more difficult choice of late. It can be a bit like choosing between two cars. The engine is the same size, the car is the same size, performance overall is similar but one has air con and the other has DAB radio. So we hope with this short guide about all the brands available here at Evans Cycles can help you to choose your electric bike.


You may be familiar with the name Bosch whether it is car parts, appliances, tools or electric bikes. Bosch has become known over the years as a brand of quality and the same can be said for their electric bike systems.

Do they come in different levels?

SThey are available in 3 levels Performance CX for those who ride over more aggressive terrain. The Performance Speed motor ensures a smoother response with sporty characteristics and Active Line is for those enthusiastic leisure riders. With 250w of power delivers up to 75nm of torque the Bosch system ensures plenty of clout when it is needed.

What are Bosch batteries like for quality and performance?

Bosch batteries are available from 300Wh to 500Wh depending on the price point and have been proven to offer exceptional mileage and long service life. The on-board computer allows a variety of different displays from the sleek look to the Nyon which has all the information that your ever need for your ride at the touch of a button, to Intuvia and Purion which give a simpler display for ease of use.


Shimano are best known for their excellent gearing and braking componentry and over the last 45 years have become the market leader in this area so it is no surprise to find them making electric bike components.

What types of electric bike systems do Shimano offer?

Shimano Steps offers three easy to define disciplines to allow you to pick the correct system for its intended use. Available in City, MTB and Trekking versions they each have their own characteristics to get the best out of your electric bike system.

City, with the powerful E6000 motor, delivers an output torque of 50Nm for ultimate performance and reliability. Trekking versions use the same motor as the City but add a little more power for those long adventures. MTB utilises the E8000 drive unit which has a slightly different motor design allowing bike manufactures to use shorter chain stays and add greater heel and tyre clearance. With its maximum output of 70nm of torque it also packs a punch.


Brose produced specialist mechatronics systems for the automotive industry with electric motors for auxillary systems such as vehicle doors, cooling systems and Steering. The Brose system comes from the development of steering motors from millions of cars which technology has been applied to an electric bike motor.

What makes the motor on a Brose electric bike system stand out?

The Brose motor is one of the quietest on the market and compatible with various displays and batteries that enable maximum integration for your chosen discipline. Developed within automotive standards, comes a motor that is highly reliable as a result of extensive testing in a discipline that Brose is already a market leader in producing.


Yamaha have been producing a very wide range of products since 1955 and are well known for the production of musical instruments, motorcycles and power sports equipment. Back in 1993, Yamaha produced their first electric bike system and, to date have seen their use on 2.7 million electric bikes worldwide.

What is special about the motor on a Yamaha electric bike system?

Yamaha utilises a 250w motor that is not internally geared, which allows the use of a double ring set up on the front meaning a larger gear ratio. The Yamaha system also delivers a quicker power delivery and a smooth power curve that that means assistance can be used right from the off. The Yamaha motor and battery setup is a more compact system allowing for a more attractive build as it can be easily integrated in the shape of the frame when used.


Founded with the aim to develop bicycle based solutions produced from aluminium some 30 years ago in china, Tranzx drive systems continue to focus on producing the highest level of utility, comfort, safety and reliability. The range of Tranzx drive systems on offer come in both frame integrated and hub driven motors giving a high degree of flexibility in how the system can be set up.

What does the Trans X motor offer in comparison to other electric bike systems on the market?

The hub motor F15/R15 comes as one of the lightest electric bike solutions on the market coming in at 2.5kg for the motor itself. Tranz X frame integrated motors offer a sleeker look and a higher max torque in the M16 and M25 motors meaning higher performance and superior riding characteristics.