What do I need to know about electric bikes?

Are there different motor/battery brands?

Yes, we support, Bosch, Shimano Steps, Brose, TranzX and Yamaha.

How many assist modes are there?

With Shimano Steps there are three assist modes and the Bosch line-up has four.

A brief explanation of the different Bosch modes available

Eco - effective, gentle support, designed for maximum efficiency and range

Tour - Steady support for longer range rides

Sport - Immediate powerful support for harder riding on or off-road

Turbo - Direct, maximum support up to the highest cadence for sport riding

Why are there different assist levels?

Every rider is different and some will want or need more assistance than others. The less assistance used, the long the battery duration. This could leave more in the tank for climbing hills or for bursts of acceleration. In the UK, motors are limited to 250w output, capable of producing 75Nm and an assisted speed of up to 25km/h.

What is the range of an electric bike?

There are a number of factors that can effect this, the choice of power mode, terrain, riding conditions such as wind, rain etc but generally between 20-120 miles /32-192 kilometers.

How long does it take to charge?

Normally this will take in the region of 3-5 hrs depending on the state of the battery prior to charging.

Can I lock the battery?

Yes you can, to unlock the battery you will need a key.

Does pedalling charge the battery?

No, you would need a regenerative motor for that.

Are replacement batteries available?

Yes, they can be found here

What service is required?

Many of the components require the same level of servicing as with any other bike. It recommended that Lithium batteries perform better if stored at room temperature as battery life depletion may occur if left outside in extreme temperatures. It is recommended they are charged before storing.