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How to choose your perfect Brompton Bike

Find your Brompton

Each bike is handmade at Brompton's North London factory and are available at 48 of our stores, with demo models in each ready for you to test ride. Evans Cycles also provides all standard Brompton models with a front carrier block (RRP £15) as standard. When choosing a Brompton there are a few things to consider:

Handlebars - First of all, handlebar shape (M, H, S or P - see below) which will decide your riding position on the bike.

Gears - Next choose between 1, 3 or 6 gears trading simplicity for versatility or striking the balance in-between.

Mudguards - Next choose between no mudguards (E), mudguards (L) or mudguards and rear rack (R).

Colour - Finally pick a colour and you're all set.

To help you find your perfect Brompton we've started off sorting by handlebar shape below. Here you'll also find the Superlight models, made with a titanium rear fork to save weight, and a variety of Special Editions - including Brompton World Championships, NYC and Nickel editions.

M Type - Brompton’s most neutral position not too upright not too sporty but it keeps the bike agile without compromising on comfort. A great all round riding position to cover any Brompton adventure.

H type - originally designed to be the handlebar of choice for the taller rider. This is why Evans Cycles equips all our H type bikes with a telescopic seat post. The H type’s taller stem and higher rise bar can also provide a more upright ride and comfort for those who require it.

S Type - the sportiest handlebar on offer from Brompton. Featuring a flat bar and lower stem height this helps you put the hammer down and makes the bike super manoeuvrable to cut through the traffic.

P Type - with its butterfly shape offers the most flexibility for your Brompton. Whether you want to sit upright and cruise, race across town to the next meeting or you have a longer distance to ride, the P Type has it covered.


Brompton CHPT3

2 years ago, Will Butler Adams met ex-pro cyclist David Millar at a dinner. On finding out that David only ever cycled when he was out training or racing and rarely used a bike for simply getting around the city, Will insisted that he borrow a Brompton to try out, and more importantly join in the Brompton World Championship.

After initially being a little sceptical about taking part in the race, David was persuaded by the idea that the Brompton design team could knock up a ‘race ready’ spec and even colour it in the 2 colours of the brand David had just started to put together, CHPT3. David was then hooked, not only for using a Brompton to get around town (his being Girona, Spain), but also for taking along to the Tour De France for him and co-commentator Ned Boulting to buzz around on at stage starts and finishes.


Model (2019)

  • S Type

  • 6 speed (standard gear ratio)

Colour & Materials

  • Steel main frame with textured matt black finish (to match CHPT3)

  • Front frame in fire red (to match CHPT3)

  • Titanium front fork and rear frame in black

  • Black steel handlebar post

  • Black componentry*

  • Firm suspension block


  • Special Schwalbe tan wall Kojak tyres

  • Red Ergon GA2 grips

  • Special red Fabric saddle

  • White Brompton decal & Chpt. 3 branding on front frame and ID plate