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Frequently Asked Questions - Ride It


Do I need my own bike?

Yes you do, RIDE IT cannot offer a replacement bike if yours is unusable so make sure its serviced and good to go. You also cannot demo pre-purchased bikes from Evans Cycles at our events.


What type of bike is suitable?

E-bikes are welcome at all of our RIDE IT events but as our events take place on public roads and trails the bike must comply with UK regulations. Current e-bike regulations require that the electric motor won’t assist you when you’re travelling more than 25 km/h (15.5mph) and the power output must not exceed 250 watts.

We recommend that you use a mountain bike for off-road riding as they have been designed to handle bumpy terrain and take the impact that off-road riding incurs. The ride will be safer and more pleasurable for you as a result.
For the sportive rides on tarmac you can ride the bike of your choice. However we strongly recommend a bike that is primarily designed for road use like a road bike or racer. Other bikes that might be suitable include sporty hybrid bikes, or touring bikes.
During the year we also run mixed terrain (road and off-road) sportive cross rides which are suitable for cyclocross bikes or adventure road bikes. These bikes are also welcome at many of our off-road rides too, please visit the ride details page of each event to check the suitability of cyclocross and adventure road bikes. 


I am a beginner - are these rides suitable for me?

Definitely! As long as you’re fit enough to complete the distance there is no reason why you can’t take part. As these rides are not races, there is a friendly atmosphere and people are willing to help you out if you need it.


How many people enter the events?

It depends on a lot of factors: weather, time of year event capacity etc. so numbers can vary between 100 and 1500!


How fit do I need to be?

You should be able to ride the distance of the category that you are entering. Once you’ve done this for the first time you should be able to gauge if you’re fit enough to move on to the next length of ride. Simply put, start off small and move up as you get fitter. We don’t want you to overstretch yourself, have a bad day and not come back!


How old or young should I be?

There are no age restrictions for our rides but please see parental consent section below. All we ask is that you are physically and mentally fit to complete the particular ride you’ve entered.
For family rides we recommend that children can cycle independently or sit in a child seat.
Children aged 17 and under must attend the event with an accompanying adult who is over the age of 18.
You know the ability of yourself and your children and are in the best position to decide if they can tackle the ride.
Remember kids ride FREE! Making it the perfect family day out!


What should I take with me?

We recommend you carry a small tool kit, water, food and spare clothing if there is the possibility of the weather changing.
There will be hot drinks and food available at the event centre after your ride.


Is there a shop at the events?

We carry a small range of spares with us for you to purchase. This includes items such as tubes, puncture kits, pumps, Allen keys and a limited range of clothing. If there is anything specific for your bike, we won’t carry it, so please purchase it before you arrive.


Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, all riders must wear a helmet during our events. This is to comply with our responsibilities and ensure insurance coverage for the event. Riders that do not have a helmet will be refused entry to the event on the day.


Do I need insurance or am I covered by Evans Cycles?

You do not need insurance to ride at our events but you are not covered by our policy either. Should you cause an accident or injury during our event you may be held personally responsible by the aggrieved party. It is therefore your choice if you wish to take out an individual insurance policy.


Can I get a map of the route before the day?

Routes will be confirmed a couple of days before the event once we have made sure there are no obstacles or dangers on the course that require us to alter it. Pre-entered riders will be able to view the routes via GPX files supplied in a pre-event email sent the Thursday before the event. The maps on the event pages are for information purposes only and are subject to changes on the day


How do I pay?

You can pay either:

Online via the website (via debit or credit card)

Over the phone through the contact centre (via debit or credit card) – +44 (0)1293 574 900

On the day (via cash, credit or debit card)


Can I enter on the day?

Yes you can if we have spaces available. We accept cash and credit/debit cards. There will be a surcharge of £3.00 for on-the-day entry (adults only). Pre-enter to secure your place on the ride and save on entry fee.


What's your refund policy?

Event entry fees cannot be refunded or transferred under any circumstances.


How do I get to the Event Centre?

By Car
Parking will be available at the event centres. Some locations have limited parking and you may need to park on the street or may be directed to other nearby parking areas. Evans Cycles and  the event centre do not accept responsibility for your vehicle or its contents during the event.

By Train
Not always a real option due to the positioning of the events. Please check with the National Rail service to find the nearest station, and also rules for taking bikes on trains.

By Bike
You can also ride to the start!


Is there anything for non-cyclists to do?

Obviously the event centres are chosen for their access to good trails and riding rather than surrounding attractions. That said we will be in some beautiful areas of the UK, so there will be local trails for non-cyclists who fancy a walk. Try searching the internet for things to do locally and see if you can find something that they’ll enjoy.


Is food and drink available?

We offer hot and cold drinks for you to purchase at the start and finish of the ride. There will also be a selection of food available in the form of cake, bars and other savoury snacks.
Riders are advised to carry enough food on them for the duration of the ride.


What happens if I have an accident or mechanical problem?

If you or anyone else is seriously injured on the course the first point of contact should be the emergency services on 999. You should then use the contact number on your route map to let the organisers know the situation and they will then act appropriately.
If it is a minor injury you should use the contact number on your route map and we will respond appropriately. If you have a major mechanical breakdown you should attempt to make your own way back to the event centre. If you are a long way from anywhere, please call the contact on the route map. Please bear in mind that it may not be possible to recover you immediately and this should be a last resort.


What happens if I get lost?

The first thing you should do is try to physically locate yourself. Ask a walker, knock on a door or read signposts. Then look at your map to see if you can find your way back onto the route. If this is not possible, call the RIDE IT emergency number on your route map (NOT 999). Stay warm and visible in one location while we try to direct you back on to the route. In extreme circumstances, we will come and get you, but it might not be possible to put you back on the route, so you will be returned to the event centre.


Can I wash my bike afterwards?

We will provide a hose and cleaning equipment if a suitable supply of water and place to wash your bike is available at the event centre.


How do I see my times?

We will publish your times on the RIDE IT rider times page so you can see how you did. We do not publish times in speed or place order as it is not a race.


Is racing okay on public roads and trails?

These events are NOT races. We do not publish times in speed order and do not encourage race-type behaviour. The rides are a social event that allows people to meet other riders whilst enjoying a good ride that they don’t need to plan or route find on.
From a legal point of view, we mark out the route with arrows and tags as a suggested route. You do not need to follow this route and you are free to choose how you navigate around the course. If you want to cut out sections due to mechanical and energy problems, that’s fine. We do however recommend that you follow the route and map to avoid becoming lost.


When do online pre-entries close?

Pre-entries close on the Wednesday preceding the event. After this, riders will be required to purchase an on-the-day entry at the event centre. On-the-day entries incur an additional £3.00 surcharge.


Can I advertise at your event?

You will need to contact our Marketing Department at