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Frequently Asked Questions - Ride It


Do I need my own bike?

Yes, you will need to bring your own bike to the event. RIDE IT are not able offer loan or replacement bikes so leading up to the event you should make sure your bike is serviced, in good condition and ready to go.


What type of bike is suitable?

The most suitable type of bike will vary by event, you wouldn’t want to take your road bike round a mountain bike course but if you wanted to ride your mountain bike on a road event then that’s fine.  

Some of our mountain bike events are also suitable for cyclocross or gravel bikes, if you’re unsure check the ride description or contact the event team for advice on


Are there any restrictions on the type of bike I can use?

In general we welcome most types of bikes provided they are UK road legal. Over the years we’ve had participants take part on all sorts inlcuding trikes, tandems, handcycles, recumbents, TT bikes and folding bikes.

Please check the event information to determine if your bike is suitable or contact the event team on if you are unsure.


Can I use an e-bike?

Yes, e-bikes are welcome at all of our RIDE IT cycle events but as they take place on public roads and trails the bike must comply with UK regulations. Current e-bike regulations require that the electric motor won’t assist you when you’re travelling more than 25 km/h (15.5mph) and the power output must not exceed 250 watts.


I am a beginner - are these rides suitable for me?

Definitely! Most of our events have multiple route distances to suit different abilities and as long as you’re fit enough to complete the distance there is no reason why you can’t take part. As these rides are not races, there is a friendly atmosphere and people are willing to help you out if you need it.


How many people enter the events?

It depends on a lot of factors: weather, location, time of year, event capacity and so on. We’ve hosted small local rides from our stores with under 100 riders right up to over 1,000 riders at our largest events. 


How fit do I need to be?

As long as you’re able to complete the distance you should be fit enough to take part. Our longer route distances will typically have time cut offs to ensure you complete before the event closes but for most cyclists these are easily achievable and even if you miss the time cut you’ll be diverted to complete one of the shorter route distances.

If you’re new to cycling our advice is to build up your distance slowly over several events. If your longest previous ride is 10 miles then entering a 100 mile epic probably isn’t the best idea but there’s no reason why you can’t build up to that 100 mile ride over the course of the year.


How old or young should I be?

There are no age restrictions for our rides, all we ask is that you are physically and mentally fit to complete the particular ride you’ve entered. 

Children aged 17 and under must attend the event with an accompanying adult who is over the age of 18.  We don’t specify a minimum age for children as we believe parents or guardians are in the best position to judge if their child is up to the challenge of completing the event. Please bear in mind that all our events include riding on the open public roads and trails so children must be able to ride confidently on their own in those situations.


What should I take with me?

We recommend as a minimum that all riders carry the means to repair a puncture. 

As we’re in the UK the weather can be changeable at times so it’s a good idea to carry some extra clothing suitable for the conditions. Arm warmers and leg warmers are great for changeable conditions and there are lots of lightweight packable jackets that can fit in your pack or jersey pocket. 

Finally, you’d be surprised how many people forget their helmet, gloves, shoes or even wheels so make sure you pack and check you have everything you need before heading to the event.


Is there a shop at the events?

We carry a small range of spares with us for you to purchase. This includes items such as tubes, puncture kits, pumps, allen keys and a limited range of clothing. If there is anything bike specific you need it’s likely we won’t carry it so please purchase it before you arrive.


Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, all riders must wear a helmet during our events. We understand the arguments for and against compulsory helmet use but this is a condition of our event insurance. Riders that do not have a helmet will not be permitted to start the ride.


Do I need insurance or am I covered by Evans Cycles?

All our events have public liability insurance in place that covers Evans Cycles and the actions of it’s staff, it doesn’t cover you for your own actions or for actions of other third parties. In simple terms that means if you cause an accident that is found to be your fault you are personally responsible for any injury to yourself or others and for any damage to yours of other people’s property. 

Whilst not compulsory for our events we do recommend all riders have their own insurance arrangements in place to cover such accidents. If you ride regularly and are concerned about your own insurance cover you’ll find British Cycling or CTC membership can offer you some protection as well as a host of specialist insurance providers.


Can I get a map of the route before the day?

Provisional routes are available on our event pages with final routes being confirmed a few of days before the event once we have completed final course checks and issue the final participant information. The final participant information will also include links to download route files that you can use with your GPS decvices or smartphone apps.


Can I enter on the day?

Yes, you can if we still have spaces available, please check the individual event pages before travelling as they will confirm if on the day spaces are available for that particular event. There is a surcharge of £5.00 for on-the-day entry (adults only) so we recommend you pre-enter if you want to guarantee a space and save on entry fee.

Payment on the day is preferred by cash. We do have credit/debit card payment machines but these rely on mobile data networks which aren’t always available at every event centre.


What's your refund policy?

You enter the event on the basis that entry fees can not be refunded or transferred.

However, if we have to cancel an event, for example, due to extreme weather then we will refund all entry fees.


How do I get to the Event Centre?

It is your responsibility to get to the event centre in time for registration and the start of the ride. We do not provide transport to the event.

Participant information for each event will include travel advice including parking arrangements for those arriving by car. 


Is there anything for non-cyclists to do?

We don’t provide activities for non cyclists at the event although some event centres do have their own separate activities on site. As this varies by event we suggest you do some research beforehand if you have family or friends travelling with you.


Is food and drink available?

At most events we have food and drink available to purchase at the start and finish of the ride but facilities can vary by event location.

On the course there are a number of feed stops (how many depends on your route distance) and all food and drink at the feed stops is included in your entry. The feed stops are sponsored by High 5 Sports Nutrition and will have High 5 Energy Drink and High 5 Energy Gels or High 5 Energy Bars as well as selection of regular food such as cake, flapjack, jelly beans, bananas, peanuts or crisps.


What happens if I have an accident or mechanical problem?

If you or anyone else is seriously injured on the course the first point of contact should be the emergency services on 999. You should then use the contact number on your route map to let the event team know the situation and they will then act appropriately. 

If it is a minor injury you should use the contact number on your route map and we have our own first aid trained staff who can respond appropriately. 

In the event of a mechanical problem that you are unable to resolve yourself you should us the event team contact number provided on your route map. Depending on the problem we will either be able to help you fix it or recover you and your bike back to the event centre. 


What happens if I get lost?

The first thing you should do is stop and use the map to try and locate where you are and how to get back to the route. If you have a smartphone with you then they can also be a great way to work out exactly where you are.

If you’re not able to find your way back to the route then contact the event team using the number of your route map and we’ll try to assist. We’ll either try and direct you back to the route or if that’s not possible we will arrange for the sweeper van to collect you and bring you back to the event centre. 


Can I wash my bike afterwards?

Bike wash facilities vary by event, whilst we provide these at some events it’s not possible at every event location. Please check with the event team on the day and they will be able to advise. 


How do I see my times?

We will publish your rider time via the RIDE IT section of the Evans Cycles website and they are usually available 24-48 hours after the event.

Please remember these events are not races and we do not publish times in any kind of ranking based on speed or time. For the same reason we’re also not able to provide the data to you in a format that will allow you to sort and rank the times yourself.


Is racing okay on public roads and trails?

No, these events are NOT races. 

We do not publish times in speed order and do not encourage race-type behavior. The rides are a social event that allows people to meet other riders whilst enjoying a good ride that they don’t need to plan or route find on. 

From a legal point of view, we mark out the route with arrows and tags as a suggested route. You do not need to follow this route and you are free to choose how you navigate around the course. If you want to cut out sections due to mechanical and energy problems, that’s fine.  


When do online pre-entries close?

This varies by event but typically online pre-entries close 3-4 day preceding the event or when we reach our event capacity, whichever comes soonest. 

Once online entry closes it may still be possible to enter on the day if we have spaces available. Please note on-the-day entries incur an additional £3.00 surcharge.


Can I advertise at your event?

If you’d like to partner with RIDE IT please contact us on