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If you’re the kind of rider who likes to do maintenance and repairs themselves, you’re in the right place. Cycling tools tend to be quite different from standard tools. For example, it is unlikely you will ever use a chain tool to do anything other than working on your bike chain, so it’s worth getting a good one.When you’re out riding it’s not feasible to take an entire tool kit with you. So, make sure you invest in a decent multi-tool so you can do minor repairs and tweaks while on the mountain or by the road. And overlooked by some cyclists is the importance of a torque wrench. These finely tuned tools allow you to specifically calibrate the pressure exerted by each nut – too tight or too loose can be disastrous and costly. An important but simple part of bike maintenance is cleaning. However, sometimes it takes a little more than just a quick blast from the hose to get your bike shiny again. Have a look at our range of Muc-Off cleaning gear to help keep your bike pristine.

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