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Trade In & Save Up To £350 - Ends Tuesday 30th April at midnight


Save up to £350 off a brand new bike when you trade in online with our Click & Collect service or in store...
In return you get to save money – the amount depends on the price of your chosen new bike – and ride away happy on a brand new bike. Since 2012 more than 20,000 bikes have been donated across the UK. To join the 1,000s of riders who donate their old bike to charity for money off a new ride every year, check out how to order and our FAQ’s below.

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Bike Price Trade in value Code to apply at basket
£168.99 up to £298.98 £20 off 18TRADE20
£298.99 up to £498.98 £30 off 18TRADE30
£498.99 up to £748.98 £50 off 18TRADE50
£748.99 up to £998.98 £75 off 18TRADE75
£998.99 up to £1,498.98 £100 off 18TRADE100
£1,498.99 up to £1,998.98 £150 off 18TRADE150
£1,998.99 up to £2,498.98 £200 off 18TRADE200
£2,498.99 up to £3,498.98 £250 off 18TRADE250
Over £3,498.99
£350 off 18TRADE350


How to order online Bikes

Trade In FAQ

What bikes can I trade in against?

All bikes are eligible for Trade In with the exception of special order bikes (eg bespoke Brompton builds), ex-demo and ex-display bikes.


What type of bike can I trade in?

Anything you like. We take kid’s bikes, BMXs, tricycles, adult bikes, you name it. You also don’t need to bring in the same type of bike you’re buying - so you can trade in an old kid’s bike for a £3,000 carbon road bike if you like.


What if my bike is in really bad condition?

It doesn’t matter – we’ll take any bike in any condition (even if it’s missing a wheel). Because all our bikes go to charity, we’re very grateful for bikes in good condition too…


How much will I get for my bike?

The amount you save depends on the price of your new bike. The table above has all the details.


Does the amount I save depend on the condition of my bike?

Nope. The amount you save just depends on the price of your new bike (see the table above)


Which stores are taking part?

You can trade in your old banger at any one of our 50+ stores.


Can I trade in online?

Absolutely. Simply follow the steps above. You will need to select Click and Collect as your delivery option, and take your trade in bike and photo I.D. to the store when you collect your new bike.


Can I use my Ride-to-Work certificate with the Trade In promotion?

Yes. Just apply your certificate as normal during the payment process and follow the Trade In process as listed above.


When using Ride-to-Work, what value should I apply for?

When you apply for your Ride-to-Work certificate, you should use the reduced price of the bikes instead of the price.


Can I use Finance with my Trade In Bike?

Yes. Much like Ride-to-Work or Cycle-to-Work certificates you can apply for finance as normal in the payment process and apply your Trade In code when prompted in the basket.


Are there any offers or promotions that I can't use Trade In with?

Unfortunately we cannot accept Trade In with any other promotion code, with Price Match, spcial orders (eg bespoke brompton builds) or on any Ex-Display or Ex-Demo bike.


Can I sell you my old bike in exchange for cash (or get gift vouchers instead)?

We can offer you money off a brand new bike, but afraid we can’t give you cash, gift vouchers or money off any other item instead.


If I change my mind, can I get my old bike back?

Because all the traded in bikes are collected by our charities every few days (and sometimes from a central location), it means we can’t return your old bike after you’ve traded it in. You can be safe in the knowledge that it’s gone to a good home though. This doesn’t apply to your new bike, which you can exchange or refund as normal.


Can I return or exchange a new bike that I bought via the Trade In promotion?

Absolutely. Your new bike is exactly like any other bike we sell: they all come with the Right Bike Guarantee which means you can exchange it within 30 days even if you’ve ridden it. Or you can return it for a refund within 90 days if it’s not been ridden.


What happens to my old bike?

All traded in bikes are donated to our network of charities – see below for more details.


Charity Partners


Recycle Your Cycle
Hospice UK


Recycle Your Cycle & Hospice UK

Recycle Your Cycle works with prison students to repair and refurbish old bicycles which have been donated by members of the public and from a range of organisations. Around 90% of all donated bicycles are refurbished and what cannot be used for parts are then disposed of under WEEE regulations.

Another source of donations comes from universities where students often leave their bicycles at the end of their courses and this scheme provides the perfect way to recycle them.

The refurbished bicycles are then sold back through Hospice UK’s members enabling them to raise funds to support more than 200 local hospices across the UK which provide care to approximately 200,000 people with terminal and life-limiting conditions every year, as well as providing support to their families, carers and friends. Hospice UK’s work helps ensure that hospice doctors, nurses and volunteers have the training, funding and resources they need to provide the very best end of life care.

Hospice UK is the national charity for hospice care. Their vision is hospice care for every person in need. The charity’s services and projects help transform the lives of people with terminal and life limiting conditions and helps support their loved ones.

Last year 1,500 bikes were donated enabling a hospice where you live and work to provide high quality care to people with terminal and life-limiting conditions and their families.

Find out more about Hospice UK on our blog


Donated bikes ready to be received by Recycle your Cycle.



Nationwide Cycling Academy is a community focused enterprise, supplying cycling activities at grass roots level to all ages and abilities.

NCA work with riders of all experiences and abilities to get the most from their cycling by extending their knowledge, skills and experience. The charity helps riders to specialise and develop in a single cycling discipline but also introduce riders to a wide range of cycling experiences including MTB, Downhill, BMX, Cyclespeedway, track, road and four wheelers.

The NCA Team are all cyclists themselves who love cycling in all of its various forms, and their philosophy is to share that love with anybody who wants to get on a bike and have fun.

The traded in bikes you donate are refurbished and used in a variety of ways: to use during organised family rides, given to job seekers and donated to primary schools for Bikeability training.

Those which can’t be refurbished are transformed and rebuilt into ornamental flower displays, art projects, and pedal cars for children with disabilities.

Find out more about the National Cycling Academy on our blog


Recycle Bikes

Recycle Bikes are an independent, not-for-profit bike project based in Heeley that specialise in various services including but not limited to: recycled bike sales, service and repair, youth and adult training.

Last year 379 bikes were donated, out of these 227 were refurbished and sold and a further 138 were donated to the Re-Cycle Bicycle Aid for Africa project.

Find out more about Recycle Bikes on our blog

Depending on the condition of your bike, it could be used in 3 ways. Firstly, your donated bike might only need some small repairs and refurbishment to be sold back to the community as a low cost alternative to a new bike. It could also be used to be sent to similar projects in Africa to help those in need. Finally, if your bike is not in a good enough condition, it will be stripped for usable parts with the rest recycled as best as possible.



Recyke Y’Bike

Recyke Y’Bike is a social enterprise and charity that has been accepting (for over 9 years now!) donated bikes from members of the public which are then fixed up by their great team of trained mechanics and diverse band of volunteers for resale.

Part of the scheme includes fund-raising in order to send sturdy bikes to ReCycle in Colchester and similar enterprises which then send them to projects in African countries. It is extraordinary what help a bicycle is to people in isolated communities there.

Recyke Y’Bike is certain that providing affordable, roadworthy transport is a good way to encourage more people to get cycling, as well as making sure that bicycles don’t end up in land-fill sites, when instead they could be put to good use. Skilled mechanics carry out servicing and repairs to keep your bike on the road. Cycle Training services are available if you want to build cycling confidence and brush up your safe-cycling skills.

Find out more about Recyke Y’Bike on our blog



The Bike Space

The Bike Space uses your donations to help young people outside of mainstream education build skills for the future.

Once they have completed their initial training, volunteers at Bike Space move on to refurbishing donated bicycles. The bicycles are stripped down, cleaned and given brand new parts where needed. Once the bicycles have been checked by a qualified mechanic they are ready to be used in the community where they become an affordable, healthy means of transport.

Find out more about The Bike Space on our blog


The Bike Station

The Bike Station is Scotland's largest, and one of its longest established, bike recycling charities.

The three main aims of The Bike Station are:
 1) To encourage and promote good mental and physical health through encouraging people to cycle;
 2) To help people learn to ride their bicycles safely and to be able to repair them themselves;
 3) To help the environment by recycling and by promoting cycling as a means of transport.

Find out more about the Bike Station on our blog



Cardiff Cycle Workshop

Cardiff Cycle Workshop are a part of Cycle Training Wales, the leading provider of cycle training services in Wales and a not-for-profit social enterprise. The main aim is to increase access to cycling and reduce the number of bikes being scrapped. A number of courses are available for all levels of ability to learn more about cycle maintenance.

Find out more about the Cardiff Cycle Workshop on our blog

Your donated bikes are refurbished and checked by qualified mechanics and sold on to the community. Any bikes or parts which cannot be reused are sent for recycling.


Cycle Chain Birmingham

Cycle Chain Birmingham are a social enterprise business that aims to improve health, social welfare and the environment through teaching bike maintenance. Cycle Chain work with people with disabilities to help not only with cycle maintenance skills, but also to help build their confidence.

Donated bikes are refurbished as a part of realistic work experience and sold on to the community.

Find out more about the Cycle Chain on our blog



Gloucestershire Bike Project

Gloucestershire Bike Project is a not-for-profit social enterprise that exits to encourage more people to get on their bikes. Donated bikes are processed and refurbished in the workshop by volunteers to be sold on to the community.

Gloucestershire bike project also run youth projects throughout the year, including workshops for disadvantaged young people. These workshops help young people build confidence as well as bike maintenance skills.

Find out more about the Gloucestershire Bike Project on our blog



Life Cycle

Life Cycle uses bike donations to teach prisoners the mechanic skills to rebuild and refurbish bikes. These skills help rehabilitate prisoners and ultimately to help prisoners gain employment upon release.

Once refurbished, bikes are sold on to the community to help people with lower incomes have a cheaper method of transport.

Find out more about the Life Cycle on our blog


Guildford Bike Project

Guildford Bike Project uses donated bikes to help provide work experience and training for young people as well as Jobseekers. The life skills taught within the workshop help build confidence as well as the likelihood of employment.

Once bikes have been refurbished, they are sold on to provide a healthy and sustainable mode of transport for the community.

Find out more about the Guildford Bike Project on our blog



The Bike Project

The Bike Project use bike donations to help asylum seekers and refugees with the cost of transport. Donated bikes are refurbished in their workshop in South London and then donated on, with a small portion being sold to the community to generate funds.

The Bike Project have previously been put on workshops to teach female asylum seekers and refugees cycle training as many of them are from societies where females were not encouraged to ride a bike, or where doing so was not considered appropriate.

Find out more about the Bike Project on our blog




Cranks is a not-for-profit bicycle workshop in Brighton. It is run by volunteers to help the community recycle old bikes and teach people how to fix and look after their own bike. Donated bikes are refurbished and then sold on to the community to generate funds.

Find out more about the Cranks on our blog



Not About the Bike

Not About the Bike is a not-for-profit community focused social enterprise. The focus is to offer bespoke training, voluntary work, social inclusion activities and work experience for all, including those who are marginalised or underprivileged. People are taught how to build, recycle, refurbish and maintain bikes which have been donated to reduce landfill. Donated bikes, once refurbished, are then sold on to the community to generate funds.

Find out more about the Not About the Bike on our blog


Cycle Saviours

Cycle Saviours is saving bikes, saving the environment and helping people get on their bikes. They rescue, restore and reuse pre-loved and abandoned bikes using them to benefit disadvantaged groups while promoting healthy living. Cycle Saviours repair and recycle donated and abandoned bikes, train young people and young adults in cycle maintenance and build their social and employability skills and develop a range of community activities to promote access to, and empowerment through bikes and cycling.

Find out more about the Cycle Saviours on our blog



Bicycle Recycling

Bicycle Recycling is all about providing training and real job opportunities for young people through a modern vibrant business. Donated bicycles are refurbished for resale to the public, or stripped for parts, or recycled. They also provide training in cycle maintenance, with courses aimed from the absolute beginner to the professional mechanic to help provide life chances and jobs for young people.

Find out more about the Life Cycle on our blog


Bike Shack

Run by a small group of volunteers, the Bike Shack is a non-profit bicycle recycling project under the Network of Wellbeing charity. The Bike Shack accepts donations of unwanted bikes and repairs and services them before selling them at an affordable price. The money then goes towards Network of Wellbeing, a charity that’s empowers individuals and communities to improve and maintain their resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

Find out more about the Life Cycle on our blog



Bike for Good

The Bike for Good restore donated bikes with the aim of promoting mental and physical health through encouraging people to cycle. They refurbish bikes which have been donated and help the community to learn more about cycle maintenance and recycling. They want to create a community where everyone benefits from riding a bicycle.

Find out more about the Bike for Good on our blog