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Pinnacle HC Turbo

Introducing the Pinnacle HC Turbo Trainer. A smart trainer that delivers realistic ride simulation matched by connectivity and industry-standard precision for a quiet, uncompromising experience for you to enjoy the ride. The Pinnacle HC connects to popular training software including ZWIFT, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, Kinomap, PerfPRO and more!

Now Only £399.99

Smart Trainers

Are by far the most popular choice compared to a standard setup offering a broader range of training tools and programs.


  • Have the ability to connect to your laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Compatible with interactive software like Zwift, trainerroad and the sufferfest
  • Most offer controlled resistance for eg if you approach a climb on Zwift the trainer will automatically add more resistance to simulate the incline
  • Available in the Direct Drive and wheel-on formats
A man riding a Brompton electric Bike

Direct Drive Trainers

If you have a larger budget and are looking for the best, most accurate setups, direct drive trainers are the units to go for.


  • Mounts the back of the bike directly onto the trainer itself without the wheel attached.
  • No need to install a turbo tyre or swap wheels
  • More Accurate, can handle higher watts and have a better road feel compared to a Wheel-on trainer.
  • Extremely quiet
  • All have smart functionality including controlled resistance
A man riding a Brompton electric Bike

Wheel On Trainers

If you are on a budget you can achieve a great smart setup for at an affordable price by going for a wheel on trainer.


  • Attaches to your bike without needing to remove the rear wheel
  • More Affordable
  • Lighter and more portable
  • Available with smart controlled resistance
  • Manual resistance, controlled by a trigger on the bar, is also available on the more basic models
  • Due to tyre wear we recommended installing a turbo tyre before use
A man riding a Brompton electric Bike


If you want the most natural feel go for a roller setup. It takes a little getting used to but will help to improve your technique and balance.


  • The bike runs independently from the unit
  • Requires balance and concentration like you would on the road
  • Allows you to focus on pedal technique and engages your core
  • Most are portable so great to take with you for pre-race warmups
A man riding a Brompton electric Bike


There are plenty of accessories to think about If you need some extra protection for your bike, your floor or you are considering a computer setup. Fans are also extremely useful as expect to get very hot!

Key Products:

  • Mats protect your floor as well as dampen sound
  • Wheel Blocks level out your bike when using a wheel-on trainer
  • Turbo tyres are harder wearing and save your tyres for the open road
  • Smart accessories like the Kickr Climb add an extra dimension to your setup
A man riding a Brompton electric Bike

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